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Types of Window Locks

Windows are available in a wide range of types and materials, each of which requires a slightly different window lock.  Home insurance companies often require all window to have a key operated lock and sometimes even give extra discounts if all windows have a good lock.  Here we explain the various windows locks, when and where to use them and which locks fit onto which windows

Sash Window Lock

Sash Window

This old style of windows is still very common in the UK and often a requirement on listed buildings or homes in a conservation area.  Modern sash windows are typically supplied with a lock, but older wooden sash windows with a simple catch to hold the window closed will require a lock upgrade.

The easiest way to lock a sash window is to restrict movement of the two window pains, this can be effectively carried out in one of two ways.  A locking device can be attached to the outside frame of the lower window pain with a locking bolts that is passed through the lower frame into the upper frame and thus restricting movement.  The second and move favoured locking solution for sash windows is some form removable stop that is attached to the upper frame, when in place this stop restricts any movement of either window pane.  Sash stops also allow a sash window to be left securely open for ventilation.


Window Bolts

Mortice window bolts are found on wooden windows, they are the ultimate hidden window lock as they sunk into the window frame, giving these windows locks great levels of security.  The round locking bolt of these locks is extended with a spline or star key and extended into the window frame.

Mortice Window Bolts


Window Resctrictor

Window Restrictors

Great for ventilation with safety in mind are window restrictors, these allow a window to be open for ventilation but will not allow anyone to enter the property, and for safety will not allow a small child to fall out of a window.  Two types of window restrictor are available, those with a cable and others with an arm.


Sash Jammers

The jumble sash jammer

Sash Jammer
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