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Don’t become a burglary victim during the summer months

August 10, 2016

Finally summer has arrived!  With the weather forecasting predicting a heat wave some time during the next few weeks, homeowners are being warned about the potential risk of open windows and unlocked doors.

According to Lloyds Bank Insurance, there was a 14% increase in unforced burglary during the summer months of 2015 compared to the winter months.  Lloyds also reported that the average claim of unforced entry was just over £1100

Items left within easy reach of open windows and doors are high risk from opportunist thieves.  Smartphone, tablets, watches and car keys are amongst some of the most likely items to be taken during an unforced entry as they are easy to grab, small to conceal and simple to move on.

With thefts often carried out while someone is home, we advise all households to follow these easy precautions.

  • When not in a room, lock a window shut, even if in the vent position
  • Not leave valuables in sight or reach of a window
  • Small home safes can be used to store valuable items
  • Lock front doors, when in the garden
  • Extra visible window locks can be fitted to provide extra window security
  • Burglary alarms and CCTV systems are known to reduce the chance of being targeted

For any security concerns or to ask about any security products, please get in contact with the team at

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Bluetooth Padlock – For the Security Geek

April 13, 2016

New from Master Lock, a couple of high security padlocks that are operated via a Bluetooth connection.

Master lock the leading European and American lock manufacturer, have once again been first to market with new padlocks that are unlocked via a smart phone and Bluetooth connection.  The new padlocks don’t use the more traditional locks or combination to unlock, but instead uses ultra modern Bluetooth Technology to unlock.

 L24893Master Lock 4400 EURD
For inside use
Master Lock 4401EURDLH
Long Shackle – For Outside Use

Two option of the Master Lock Bluetooth padlocks are available, with a stand size shackle internal padlock and longer shackle external lock.  Both are operated in the same method using the Master Lock Vault Smart Phone App.  Once the padlock and app are setup, the padlock will open upon touch, when the smart phone is close by, if you need to leave the phone close to the padlock, the lock can be opened by a pre programmed directional code on the front of the padlock.  Access to the Bluetooth Padlock can also be shared with other users, allowing access for workers to a site or friends to your shed, access can also be controlled by time.
The Master Lock Vault App, give full access logs and receives tamper alerts and also low battery warnings.

With prices starting from just £54, who would not want a Bluetooth padlock in their life

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Don’t be a victim of ‘fishing’ car theft

January 19, 2016

People are being urged to be extra vigilant following a spat of attempted car thefts where thieves ‘fish’ for car keys through letter boxes.  Criminals have come up with a new way to get hold of car keys, where either a fishing rod or coat hanger are used to fish out car key via a doors letterbox.

A number of security devices are available to combat this type of threat.

Security Letterbox Cowl

Letterbox cowl is a simple metal or plastic cover that is fitted over the letterbox, this restricts how far the letter plate can be opened and thus stops someone looking through the letter plate and into the property.  A letter box security cowl still allows post though the door

letterplate restrictor

From Yale is this letter plate restrictor that can be set to fully lock the letter plate closed or allow limited movement

letter box security bag

Something a little more extreme is this Letter Box Security bag from PostGuard.  Anything that is posted through the letterbox is contained within the strong bag, this will also stop anyone looking through the letter plate

Some door will not allow a security device to be added, in some cases any alterations to doors or drilling can void warranties.  If this is the case another solution to letter box ‘fishing’ is to securely store key within a key safe

key safe

More often found outside, key safes are now being used within the home to store and secure keys.  As car security has improved aver the last number of years, thieves are looking to new methods to steal cars, this often involves breaking into a home just to steal keys to vehicles.  Store your keys in a locked key safe and criminals will not be able to ‘fish’ for them or break in and steal them.

If you require any assistance with any aspect of home security, do not hesitate to contact the team at

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Home Security in 2016

January 12, 2016

Now that Christmas and new year are out of the way, we can concentrate on more important matters, keeping the UK safe and secure!  We are seeing home and commercial security moving on in leaps and bounds as locks and security system become smart and online!  Here are some of the new security products to look out for in 2016.

Yale CCTV and Alarms

Yale have been a leading manufacturer of home alarms for some time now.  Their commitment to low cost, easy to install and use security system has lead to the latest version of the Wirefree Intruder alarms that will ring a phone when trigged and also allows for remote arming / disarming.
For the ultimate home security package, Yale’s Wirefree alarm system can be connected to their Easy Fit CCTV system

Bluetooth Padlocks – No Key to lose or combination to forget

If you are not so good with keys, or find if difficult to remember a combination, then this is the padlock for you!  New from Master Lock a Bluetooth Smart Padlock that is opened by your smart phone.  Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock simply opens on touch when your phone is close to the padlock.  A simple to use App is loaded on to a smart phone, once connected with the bluetooth padlock, away you go.


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Merry Christmas from all at

December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The team at would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.  2015 has been a great year for us and we look forward to an even better 2016 as we expand our product range and markets.

Any orders placed over the festive period will not be processed until Monday 4th January.

Stay safe over the Christmas and New Year period and we look forward to supplying you with top quality locks and security products in 2016

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Top tips to stay safe and secure over the festive period

December 14, 2015
With Christmas just around the corner, most of us are purchasing last minute gifts and making final arrangements for the big day, however some members of society have more sinister plans.  But don’t worry, follow our top security tips for Christmas to keep you and your family safe and well. SONY DSC
  • Don’t leave presents on display.  Once your gifts have been carefully selected and wrapped it is important not to leave them on display, if you tree and gifts are visible from a window make sure the curtains or blinds are closed when you are out.
  • Many homes are left unattended over the festive period, as people visit friends and family.  I house that looks occupied is much less likely to be targeted than a home that is obviously empty, therefore make sure that any paper or milk deliveries are cancelled.  Timer switches on lights can also be used to good effect to create the impression that someone is home
  • This may sound obvious, but let’s not give criminals an easy time!  If you are away for any length of time, make sure that all doors and windows and locked shut, switch on a house alarm, if you have one and maybe consider a small CCTV system.
  • Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family over Christmas, it could also be used by criminals to target an empty house.  Make sure that social media security settings are in place to restrict who can see your posts.
  • Car key left near and visible from a door or window are vulnerable at all times of the year, where criminal break into a house, specifically to get access to vehicle keys.  This is more crucial over christmas as a stolen vehicle could be used to remove more items from a home
  • Once Christmas is over, carefully dispose of any gift boxes.  Rubbish and recycling that is left out of the street can be a advert for that nice new shiny bike that is inside
  • Once presents have been purchased it is good practice to store gift receipts in a different location, that way if the worst was to happen you can easily provide proof of purchase, this will help in any criminal investigations and to make an insurance claim.

If you have any questions about the points raised in this article, or would like assistance with home security, do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at



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National Home Security – Week 5 Smart Home Security

October 27, 2015
The last week of October gives us week 5 of this years National Home Security Month, where we look into the future of home security and how the internet and smart phones are helping us to secure our homes.  Last week we had back to the future day, this week we are looking into the future. Blue security button on the keyboard

Smart CCTV Systems

With CCTV systems now becoming more affordable, the increase in home use has grown dramatically.  Small home CCTV systems are now available from Yale, ABUS and ERA.  Wireless cameras allow for very easy quick installation so no need to fork out on a expensive trades person for fitting.  CCTV systems normally comprise of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to control and record CCTV images and a number of camera, either wired or wireless.

Smart Home Alarm

Integrated home alarm systems are now utilising great home broadband speeds coupled with good mobile internet to alert home owners via mobile telecommunications.  Event notification emails can be easily and speedily sent to remote devices and even live images.  Alarm system can be remotely access and controlled from a smart device, allowing the user to check status, switch and alarm on or off and even activate optional power switches to turn on lamps or appliances.

Digital Door Viewer

Standard door viewers have been around for some years now, allowing an occupant to seeing who is calling at a door without the need to open the door.  Digital door viewers are now available from Yale and ABUS that use and external camera and internal screen to check who is at the door.  With a small memory card inserted into the screen, these digital door viewers can also take pictures of anyone outside and even record short video clips.

Smart Locks

Keys are still the main way to lock and unlock doors at home, however smart push button locks are becoming more popular.  Smart locks give the option to use a standard key to gain entry or enter via a code.  Various codes can be set up on a smart locks giving the option to allow someone in to the home without the need of passing on a key.  This feature is especially useful for trade people and carers, once they job is done the code can be removed and your home in once again fully secure.
For people that find it hard to remember number codes, smart locks can also be opened by key cards and key tags.

For any help or assistance with all aspects of home security, do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at locktrader


Home Security Month Week 4- The Great Outdoors

October 22, 2015
 Week 4 of National Home Security Month moves outside and starts to look at securing outside garden items and toys and also sheds and garages.

Thefts from garden sheds increase by almost 25% cent as soon as the longer days are upon us.


Garage Security

Locks and security for garages is often overlooked or deemed unnecessary, but should be equally as important as house locks due to the valuable and easily removable items that are often stored in garages.  In the UK, 53% of us have access to a garage, but only 24% actually park a car in a garage, instead we choose to fill our garages with bikes, garden equipment, DIY tools and over £1bn of alcohol!  In fact the average garage contents in worth in the region of £2000
Its about time we got serious about garage security, most garages will have 1 main access door, of an up and over style.  Up and Over garage doors will be operated by a handle that allows the door to be opened, the handle is then locked to secure the garage.  These locks are good, but not great, extra locking bolts are advised to increase the security of the main door, pairs of locking garage bolts are very popular as they offer great levels of security, are easy to fit and very simple to use.

Shed Locks

During the darker nights, shed and outbuilding are targeted with criminals using the dark to carry out a break in.  Standard shed security is often minimal and quite inadequate, it is therefore suggested to increase the security of shed doors, with stronger more robust weatherproof locks. Security lighting is another way to put off would be criminals, motions sensors active the security lighting when someone walks past and thus alerting anyone at home of the presence of someone in the garden.  Security lights have become even easy to fit with the advances of LED bulbs and solar panels, these lights do not need a power source, which means they can be fitted anywhere by anyone.

Securing items within Garages and Sheds

To further protect valuable items stored in sheds and garages a cable lock and ground anchor can be used.  A ground anchor is bolt to a solid piece of concrete, a length of chain or cable is then used to secure items with a high security padlock.  So even if someone does gain access to your shed or garage, then important expensive items are still secured.

For any help or assistance with all aspects of home security, do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at locktrader

Home Security Month – Keep it Protected

October 14, 2015
Week 3 of this years National Home Security Month, looks into how best to secure valuables inside the home.  Jewellery, cash and gadgets are the most likely items to be stolen during a domestic, but are also some of the easiest to secure. home-protection

Don’t leave items on display

Most home burglaries are carried out by opportunists, where a window or door is left open or an item is clearly visible through a window.  Whenever leaving your home unattended for any length of time, carry out a quick and simple scan around the house to make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked and any valuable items are stored away from a window or door.

Home Safe

Small home safes have become extremely popular over the past few years, especially as they are now much more affordable.  For maximum security a home safe need to be bolted to the floor or a wall and can be hidden in a cupboard or wardrobe.  Cash, jewellery, important document and even car keys can be stored within the safe and just brought out for Sunday Best!  Electronic key pads are standard with most home safe, so there is not even a key to lose, just enter a memorable number and your items are secured.

Secure yourself from identity theft

Identity theft is a growing concern for all UK residents, and is simple to carry out with enough personal information.  Shredding of all personal correspondence is now very common place across the county, but also consider any address labels on parcels and packets.  Security pens are readily available to obscure address details to secure dispose of packaging.  With Christmas just around the corner, disposal of product packing should also be considered, a quick trip to the local recycling centre is much better than leaving the empty box outside your home and advertising just what is inside!

Home Alarm and CCTV

A property that is protected by an alarm or CCTV system is a lot less likely to be targeted by thieves….and with prices of home install system at an all time low, what are you waiting for!  Yale offer Easy Fit CCTV and Alarm systems which can be easily installed by any budding diyer, the outside bell box or CCTV camera is enough to discourage passing criminals.

For any help or assistance with all aspects of home security, do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at locktrader

Home Security Month Week 2 – Lock it up!

October 9, 2015
National home security month is now fully under way and moves into its second week where we look at door and window locks, first lets start with some security stats!

  • 20% of all burglaries are committed through an unlocked door or window.
  • Most burglaries are not pre planned, but often committed by thieves that notice a door or window open or valuables on display.
  • 62% of burglaries take place at night



Window Locks

Let start with window locks, something that is all too often overlooked.  All windows should be secured with a key to operate lock, now this could be a simple locking handle as found on most UPVC windows, but older style metal and wooden windows where not fitted as standard with a locking handle.  As windows come in many shapes, sizes and styles there are many window locks to choose from, the link below shows the different style of window and which locks best suit them.
Other security devices can be fitted to windows, these include window films which make windows harder to smash, window bars either internal or external and ‘shock detectors’ added to an alarm system.

Door Locks

All external door should be fitted with a mortice or nightlatch lock that conforms to British Standard BS3621.  Many locks meet this requirement and can be found via the link below, with prices starting at just £11.47 upgrading doors locks does not have to cost the earth.  When checking and accessing security levels, it is important to check all external doors including any side, rear or patio doors, these are all possible entry points.  Side and rear doors can be further protected with slide bolts that can only be operated from the inside, these are particularly suitable for non final exit doors to increase security.
For UPVC doors, a high security cylinder lock is needed to combat the threat of lock snapping and bumping.  Yale and CISA both produce a large range of BS cylinders locks all of which can be found here


National Home Security Month – October 2015

October 5, 2015
 National Home Security month is back for its third year and again generously sponsored by Yale.  During each week of October a security topic will be covered from simple locking of doors and window to more advanced smart home security. Here at locktrader we will be closing following the security initiative with posts throughout the week and links to suitable products.

Check back all through October for useful security tips.


Week 1 – Introduction

This years home security month will start with tips on best methods to secure you home and possessions, and will give some home security stats.

Week 2 – Lock it up

Week 2 of National Home Security week will concentrate on entry points such as doors and windows and the best way to secure them.  Door and windows locks need to be in good working order and suitable for the entry point that they are attached too.

Week 3 – Keep it protected

What is important to you?  Week 3 looks into how to secure item inside the home.  We all have sentiment items and important documents, find out how to best secure them in week 3.

Week 4 – The Great Outdoors

Home security is not just about the house, sheds, gardens and garages also need to be secured.  Week 4 looks outside of the home and the best security devices for securing garden equipment and toys.

Week 5 – Smart Home Security

The last week of National Home Security Month looks forward into new types of smart security including Yale security App and Easy fit Alarm and CCTV systems.

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CCTV Systems from

September 8, 2015

Here at it’s CCTV week.  Having found out that a property is 90% less likely to be burgled when some form of CCTV is in operation,

ABUS TVAX19100 Outdoor CCTV Camera

ABUS have been in the security industry for a good number of years now offering a wide range of locks and security products.  ABUS following the standard German engineering with high quality products that work well with great reliability.

ABUS TVAC19100 CCTV Camera

ABUS TVAC19100 CCTV Camera

The ABUS TVAC19100 CCTV camera is standalone wireless camera that is installed and monitored via smartphone App.  Simply install the iOS or Android App to a phone, hook the camera to a wireless internet connection and away you go!  Infared sensors can be setup to detect motion and start recording, email and push notification can also be enabled to alert a remote user with a snapshot feature if required.

Yale 960H Easy Fit CCTV Kit

Yale have added to the Easy Fit Alarm range with an Easy Fit CCTV system!

Yale 960H Easy Fit CCTV Kit

Yale 960H Easy Fit CCTV Kit

A great starter kit for home or business CCTV, the Yale 960H comes with hybrid DVR controller and recording box, CCTV cameras and all required cables, power supplies and fixings.  Full instructions are supplied to allow for quick and simply installation and setup, remote viewing of a camera is available when the system is connected up to an internet connection and paired with a smartphone with Yale App


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New Gate Locks from IFAM

August 3, 2015

New from Spanish Lock manufacturer IFAM, is a nice range of gate locks each of which have been specially designed for outside use.

IFAM B5 Gate Lock with Thumb Turn

IFAM B5 Gate Lock with Thumb Turn

IFAM CS88 Gate Lock with Snib

IFAM CS88 Gate Lock with Snib

IFAM X5 Gate Lock for Euro Cylinder

IFAM X5 Gate Lock for Euro Cylinder

All of these locks can be fitted to a left or right hand door as the bolt extends out of either side of the lock body, but all operate in a slightly different way.

IFAM B5 Lock with Thumb Turn

The lock body and strike both have a steel body with epoxy coating which gives this lock a great resistance to rust and perfect for outside use, the internal spring are also stainless steel for increased protection against the elements.  3 keys are supplied with the B5 rim lock along with template for easy installation and, the lock can be supplied keyed alike as required and can also be keyed alike to other IFAM Locks

IFAM CS88 Lock with Snib

The CS88 rim lock from IFAM has an internal snib that can be used to hold the locking bar in the locked or withdrawn position, when activated the snib will prevent key holders from using the lock from the outside.  The lock is supplied with a high security dimple cylinder and 5 keys and can be fitted to a left or right hand gate.

IFAM X5 Rim Lock for Euro Cylinder

This offering from IFAM is slightly different than the others as the lock requires a euro cylinder to operate. A double cylinder of either key and key or key and turn is required to operate this lock, allowing this gate lock to be included within a keyed alike or master key system.  As with all of the IFAM gate locks, the body and keep is constructed of steel and has an epoxy coating for good weather protection, internal springs are also stainless steel.

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ABUS uGrip – The new range of colourful bike locks from ABUS

July 7, 2015

ABUS have added to their already excellent range of bike and cycle security locks with a new set of locks that they are calling uGrip.  These locks have been designed with bright vibrant colours, light weights and with good easy grip.  Here we review the range of uGrip locks.

ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700 folding lock
ABUS uGrip 585 Chain Lock
ABUS uGrip 560 Cable Lock

ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700 Folding Lock

Based on the already very popular Bordo 6000 folding lock, the 5700 adds some colour to this functional bike lock.  The unique pivoted arms that are found on this lock allow it secure a bike to a solid item but then fold into a nice neat package.  The ABUS 5700 is also easy to handle, with a nice soft finish and one handed push to lock operation.  This folding lock is supplied with a handy bike holder that fits over the bottle cage mounts and comes with a pair of keys

ABUS uGrip 585 Chain Lock

This lock combines good levels of security with a nice soft touch cover and all important for cyclist, lightweight!  The 4 colours that this cycle lock come in really do stand out making is very obvious that a bike is locked and fully secured.  As with all of the uGrip locks, easy of use is it’s middle name!  The lock can be handled with just one hand thanks to a simple push to lock action, one of the 2 supplied keys can then be used to unlock and ride away.  The ABUS 585 Chain lock really is a must have for everyday cycling and commuting.

ABUS uGrip 560 Cable Lock

An entry level lock for lower end bikes at lower risk – Off to the shops for a pint of milk, then this is bike lock for you!  ABUS 560 Cable lock offers flexibility. allowing the lock to be easily wrapped around a seat post for convenient storage, lightweight at just 402g, why lug around something heavier, and nice bright colours to warn off potential thieves.


Keeping cool this summer with Window Restrictors

July 2, 2015

So summer has finally hit us… and hit us hard over the last couple of days, everyone is sweltering in this heat trying to go about their normal business.  During any hot spell windows are opened throughout home and businesses, leading to a potential risk of a small person or pet falling out of an open window, luckily there is a solution to this danger.

Window restrictors, as the name suggest, do exactly that, they restrict the amount that a window can be opened and stops a child or animal for falling out of a window.  Here is an extensive range of window restrictors from

Cable Window Restrictors

These are some of the best window restrictors available, they can be fitted within minutes to almost any type of window and come in various colours to match your existing window.

Asec Cable Window Restrictor
Jackloc Cable Window Restrictor with Key
Jackloc Push and Turn Cable Restrictor

Jackloc are the original and leading brand of cable window restrictor, there locks are available in White, Brown, Brass or Chrome finish to match existing windows.  Jackloc offer two types of restrictor, one with a key to unlock the cable, the second with a push and turn to release the cable, similar to child safe caps on medicine bottles.  Vigorous testing of the Jackloc’s have been undertaken and gained
BS EN14351-1:2006 and BS EN 13126-5:2011 and also Salt Spray Tested in accordance with ASTM.B117-07 & Evaluated to BS EN 1670:2007.

Stay Window Restrictors

Using a similar idea to cable restrictors, stay restrictors use a fixed bar to lock a window in the open position for safety and ventilation

ERA Window Securistay

Asec Window Ventilation Lock
Yale Ventilation Lock

With stay restrictor a pivoting arm is used to allow window ventilation but still keep the property safe and secure.  These ventilation locks are more designed with home security in mind rather than child safety, they allow a window to be left open and secured whilst the property is unoccupied.

For any advice on window locks and security, please get in contact with our sales team.

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And the winner of Shed of the year is…….

June 23, 2015

Well actually that is still to be announced, but we thought it would be a great idea to remind everyone of the importance of shed locks and security.

Sheds come in many sizes, shapes and designs but all have one thing in common, that is the need to to secured.  Not matter how much time and effort is put into a shed, some sort of locks and security is needed, here are major points to consider when thinking about shed security.

Locks to secure your shed

Shed Door Locks

Most sheds will have a single door entry, this door is most likely to be fairly thin and therefore not thick enough to take a mortice lock.  A padlock and hasp can be used to secure a thin door, along with nice large coach bolts, but can be unsightly or your pride and joy.  An alternative is a rim lock, which is mounted on to the inside of a door.  With a rim lock only a key hole is visible from the outside, the lock is also protected against the elements.
Most shed door are fairly thin, often between 10 and 20mm, which makes mounting a lock a bit tricky!  A extra sheet of wood can be attached to the inside of the door to provide extra strength, the same can be done on the wall next to the door, where the lock keep will be positioned.

Shed Window Locks

Just like windows in a house, any opening windows on a shed will need to be locked shut, if someone wants to get in and the door is locked and looks secure, the next option they have is through a window.  First lets consider, does the window need to open?  If not, lets permanently closed the window, if the window does need to open for ventilation, then fit a suitable lock

Ground Anchor

As sheds can be harder to secure than a house, it is also advisable to lock and secure any high value items that are stored within the shed.  This can easily be achieved with a ground anchor and length of chain with a padlock.  As most sheds are built on top of concrete base, this gives a great base to attached too, simply make a hole in the floor of the shed to expose the base underneath.  A good quality ground anchor can then be fixed through the floor to the concrete base, now you have a strong anchor point to secure items too.  With a long chain and padlock, expensive items such as bikes, lawn mowers BBQ and garden tools can be locked in place.  If a ground anchor is not suitable for your shed, then consider an Alarm Padlock, these are similar to normal padlocks, but offer the extra protect of an audio alarm if the padlock is moved.

Other Security options for Sheds

Security Lighting

Good lighting around a shed will soon put off any would be thieves, security lighting with motion sensors offer low running costs with instant notification that someone is prowling around.  Small solar powered lights have improved a lot of the last few years, allowing for easy low cost DIY install of security lighting.

Shed Alarms

Additional security protection can be achieved by installing a shed alarm.  Stand alone specialist shed alarms can be purchased for not a lot of money, some are even battery powered, for ease of use.  If you have an alarm on your house, can this be extended to cover the shed as well?

If you would like any help with locks and security for sheds or any other building, please do get in touch.

Bank Holiday DIY

May 21, 2015

With the second Bank Holiday of May coming up and the weather improving, a number of us will be get the tools out to carry out some DIY.  A number of large chain DIY stores offer discounts over a bank holiday weekend, including B&Q, Homebase and Wickes.  Here at lock trader we don’t offer bank holiday deals as our prices are already low, we do offer advice to keep our home and belongings safe!

Lock all Doors and Windows

Now this may seem obvious, but over 20% of all break-ins are made through an unlocked door or window! with most happening during the warmer summer months as we leave doors and windows open for ventilation.  Even if you are out for just a few minutes it is important to close and lock all doors and windows, if a break-in was to happen through an open door or window, it is highly likely that an insurance claim would be turned down.  Even when in the garden, it is important to lock and close any doors and windows that are in the front of the property.
Ventilation window locks can be fitted to windows that allow a window to be secured left open –

BS Locks are the way forward

During your DIY time over the weekend, spend some time checking your door locks to make sure they conform to British Standards.  Look along the edge of the lock for a BS or Kitemark.  If your lock does not meet up to BS standards then think about replacing the lock, you might find that home insurance will become cheaper once the new lock has been fitted and likely pay for the lock over a couple of years.  We have a full range of guides to help you measure locks and then fit –

Get a safe

A very quick and easy way to instantly increase the security around your home is the addition of some sort of safe.  Key safes are becoming more and more popular with home owners as they offer a great way to further secure a set of keys.  If a break in was made into a property with easily accessible keys. it give the intruder a much easily route to other locked areas such as garages and sheds.  Small key safes can hold a decent size bunch of keys which can be easy accessed with a set of push button or combination dials.
Small home safes, again give extra protection to valuable items such as Passports, jewlery and important paper work.  Mini home safes start from around £40 with options of push button electronic opening to more traditional key to unlock.  With the average size of a safe just 30cm wide by 20cm deep, finding somewhere for the safe to go, should not be a problem.  Popular places include under the stairs, in a wardrobe or in a cupboard.

For any questions relating to home security, do not hesitate to contact us –


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Spring 2015 – New Products on

April 15, 2015

We have added a load of new products on to our site to boost the already comprehensive range of locks and security products that we offer, here is what we have added.

New Asec Rim Locks

 Asec Rim Deadlock

Asec Rim Dead Lock

 Asec Rim Sashlock

Asec Rim Sash Lock

 Asec Rim Sashlock with flange

Asec Rim Sash Lock with Flange

 Asec Rim Knobs

Asec Rim Lock Knobs

Asec Locks and Security have added to their already very extensive range of locks with old style rim locks.  These locks are found on older style properties and period homes and are ideal for anyone that need to replace a lock, but does not want to change the style of lock.  These locks are strictly for internal use only as they offer only low security features.  Asec Security have also produced a nice set of rim knobs that can be used with the Asec sash locks that come with a latch to hold the door closed, rim sashlocks are most commonly found on bathroom doors.  Prices of these locks are very competitive, with the Rim Deadlock starting at just £4.77.  All of the locks and the knob set can be found on our new products page

Other Asec Products

 Also new from Asec, a set of round discus padlocks with coloured bumper around the edge of the padlock.  The bumper will protect the padlock and whatever it comes into contact with and also make identification very easy.  These nice coloured padlocks can be purchased on our site from £9.60

Asec Coloured Discus Padlock
 Asec foot operated door stop  Stylish and durable, that is how Asec are marketing their new foot operated door stop, not much more we can say, apart from one of these stylish and durable door stops will set you back £15.59

New ABUS Rim Deadbolt

The German locks manufacturer have, for the first time produced a rim dead lock.  These are the locks that are found on the inside of your door with a rim cylinder on the outside to unlock.  The ABUS 2100 can be used with a left or right hand opening door with a thickness of between 35-50mm.  The lock is supplied with a 5 pin rim cylinder, 2 keys and all required fixings scr

ABUS 2110 Rim Deadlock

Help for your sticky locks

New from leading lubricant manufacturer Q Oil Europe, is a graphite based oil which makes it ideal for locks.  The oil will break down any grease and grim that is inside the lock, it then leave a dry layer of graphite on the locks moving parts that further protects the locks for a build up of.  All for the amazing price of £5.30

Q5 Graphie Based Lock Lubricant

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Spring is finally here – Lets get serious about home security

April 1, 2015
 Springtime  Spring is finally here, weather permitting this gives us a great opportunity to get out into the garden after the long winter hibernation.  The long weekend of Easter is almost upon us, a time that is also associated with home DIY!…and where better to start than a check on home security.Although not particularly cold, this winter has brought us some high winds and some property damaging winds.  Garden fences panels are the first to go in high winds, so this is a good starting point when accessing home security.  Replace any fence panels that are broken and check to make sure that all panels are still in good condition.

Wooden doors and windows suffer most damage during the winter months, driving rain, low temperatures and big winds will, with time really affect wood.  As a lot of doors and windows constructed of wood and these are also the first defence against a break-in, it is important to check all timber doors and windows and also to pay attention to frames, if there is any sign of damage get it professionally looked at.

Garden sheds are rarely visited during the winter months, unless you have a heated shed with bar facilities!  Hopefully the shed lock has not seized up over the winter!  If the lock is hard to operate, apply some graphite powder to the lock, this will lubricate the lock but won’t leave a sticky residue on the lock and keys.  Wooden sheds should be checked for any winter damage and don’t forget to check the roof as well, poorly maintained roofs are a criminals entry point.

Perception plays a big part in home security, a house that looks secure is less likely to be targeted than one that appears unloved.  A tidy garden is part of that perception and making sure that lawns, shrubs and trees are looked after is a good place to start.  A well lit property and garden is another way to deter thieves, timers switches on internal lamps will give the impression that someone is home and motion sensor external security lights will put of most criminals.

With warmer weather, hopefully! on it’s way, windows are often opened to allow the fresh spring air into our homes, it is important to remember to close and lock these windows if the property is left unattended, even for a very short period of time

Spring is also a good time to update the household inventory list, don’t forget to include all the nice goodies that we received for Christmas.  Take a note of model and serial numbers and if possible take photos of larger and more expensive items.

If you would like assistance with any aspect of home security, please do get in touch.

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Security tips for new home owners

March 10, 2015

Spring is just around the corner which means a peak in the sales of homes and lots of people moving into a new house.  Moving can be a stressful time, having to deal with many different people to start with, then the physical move and lastly the unpacking of personal belongings and trying to find a home for them all.  During this time home security is often the last thing on people minds, but in reality this should be one of the first things to consider when moving to a new place.

Change the locks

We are often asked ‘should we change the locks of our new home?’  The answer should always be, Yes, and should be one of the first security measures to take when moving.  When you are passed the keys to your lovely new property, you have absolutely no way of knowing who else has a set of these keys.  The only way to ensure that no one else can gain access yo tour home is to install a new set of locks.  A change of locks is not always as daunting as it sounds, cylinder locks are very easy to change and when replacing mortice locks, like for like these can also be fairly straight forward to change.  The hardest part of a lock change is purchasing the correct size of lock, for more details we have some lock measuring guides in our Help and FAQ’s section


Something to try and prepare for before the big move in date is insurance cover.  Moving insurance cover from the old property to the new is fairly straight forward, simply get in contact with your broker or insurance company and give them details of the new property and contact exchange date.  There is often an overlap time between contract exchange and move in date, so make sure that both properties are covered.  As premiums are calculated on many factors, the cost of cover may go up or down.

Perimeter Security

Not an immediate requirement, but should be completed within the first couple of weeks is a check of perimeter walls or fences.  Check to make sure that walls and fences are in good condition, also check for any garden security devices.  If the new property has one, a garden shed and it’s contents will need to be locked and secured.  Also take some time to review garage doors and garage locks.

For help and assistance with any home locks or security devices, please get in contact with our sales team

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Nightlatches – What, where, when??

March 4, 2015

A night latch lock is a style of lock that is mounted onto the inside surface of a door, unlike mortice locks that are fitted inside a door.  Night latches are available in many styles, security levels, colours and sizes, here we explain the difference and when to use each type of lock.
All night latches locks have common features, all use a rim cylinder that is found on the outside of the door, a key is inserted into the cylinder to unlock the door and all have an internal handle.  Size is also common to most nightlatches, with a narrow lock of around 40mm backset and a more standard case size of 60mm, the backset is the measurement from the edge of the door to the centre of the key hole.

Basic Cylinder Nightlatch

Lets start with a basic night latch, these are often combined with a mortice deadlock, the nightlatch will hold the door closed, a key is used from the outside to gain entry through the door, the mortice lock is used as the main security lock.  This basic lock can also be used on internal and low security doors, a key is used from the outside to unlock, an internal snib can be used to hold back or deadlock the bolt.

Basic Night Latch Lock
 Deadlocking Nightlatch

 Deadlocking Nightlatches

These are similar to a basic nigthlatch but have the ability to be deadlocked by the key from the outside.  When the door is pulled closed, the key is then turned to active the deadlocking.  The snib on the inside can be used to holdback the bolt or deadlock from inside.  Deadlocking night latches are ideally suited for internal flat doors, where the main security is found on the communal external door.

 Auto Deadlocking

As the name suggest, these type of night latch will automatically deadlock when the door is pulled closed.  These offer some of the best security protection of all night latches with a number of these locks having British Standard BS3621.  Most auto deadlocking locks also have an internal key way that allows the bolt to be locked closed, this will prevent anyone using a key from the outside to enter.

 Auto Deadlocking Nightlatch
 Nightlatch Deadbolt


Instead of the more standard curved bolt, a deadbolt night latch has a rectangular bolt as found on mortice locks, this bolt has to be manually withdraw before the door can be locked.  This type of lock stops accidentally lock outs as the bolt has to be manually moved to lock.


Similar to the deadbolt night latch, but instead has a roller on the edge of the bolt.  This roller allows the door to be pushed or pulled closed and then held in the closed position, the bolt is then extended into the locked position by key from outside or handle from inside to lock the door.  This type of lock also stops unintended lock outs and is therefore ideally suited to internal flat doors.

 Rollerbolt Nightlatch
 Drawback Nightlatch


Drawback nightlatch locks are unique to Union and unique in their operation.  Instead of the normal single bolt as found on most other nightlatches, a drawback lock has a latch bolt and locking bolt.  The latch bolt is withdrawn by key from outside or handle from inside, the locking deadbolt is thrown by key from either side.  The locking bolt also includes a double throw action, one turn of the key operates the first throw another full turn of the key operates the second throw.


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Love Locks

February 9, 2015

We are now well in to February, and that can mean only one thing – Valentines Day, is just around the corner.  Why not do something different this year and show your undying affection for your loved one, with a Love Lock.  Simply write the name of your loved one along with your own on to a padlock, attach the lock to an important place, often a bridge, then chuck away the keys, the love that the padlock represents is now unbreakable.

In Europe, the origins of Locks of Love can be traced back to Rome’s Ponte Milvio bridge that was featured in the book  I Want You by Italian author Federico Moccia, in this book that was later turned into a film, a Love Padlock is placed on the bridge.

Price for suitable padlocks start at just £2.12, but those are quite small padlocks.  A padlock with a body width of 40mm and over is ideal, these start at £4.17, so you really don’t have to splash out too much to show your everlasting love!

Love Locks

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New CCTV System from Yale

January 29, 2015

Following on from their very popular home Alarm System, Yale have now launched a range of home CCTV systems.  The team at locktrader have spent some time reviewing the new CCTV offering from Yale, here are their thoughts.

The Yale Easy Fit 960H CCTV System, to give it’s full name, is available in two standard options, one supplied with 2 cameras and an internal Hard Drive of 500GB and second system with four cameras and a Hard Drive of 1TB.  The two camera setup can accept extra camera at a later date, but the smaller hard drive can not be upgraded.  Both CCTV kits are supplied with the following contents

  • HDR-8400 Hybrid DVR
  • Internal Hard Drive
  • 2 or 4 Yale 650 TVL Out door Bullet Cameras with IR Night Vision
  • 2 or 4 15m BNC Camera Cables
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet cable, to connect system to the internet
  • HDMI cable, to connect  a monitor
  • All required power adaptors
  • Screws, fittings and theft deterrent stickers

The CCTV system is packed full of great features, the supplied outdoor bullet shaped cameras are IP55 rated which means they will withstand dust and water jets from getting inside the casing and have built in Infrared night vision of up to 20m.  The quality of the cameras and recording system provides some great quality images thanks to 960H recording sensor and 650TVL camera, gone are the days of low quality CCTV images that make pin point any required details very hard.  Image playback does not stop image recording, a very useful feature if you want to play back some old footage, but don’t want to interrupt recording.

Exporting of captured CCTV images, in the event that video needs to be passed to the authorities, is also very simple, simply insert a USB stick into the DVR, follow the on screen instructions and away you go, no need to disconnect anything and no CCTV coverage downtime.
One of the best features of this low cost CCTV system is remote monitoring, simply connect the DVR to an internet connection with the supplied ethernet cable, install the Yale remote monitoring app to a smart device and away you go, well there are a few more steps than that, but you get the idea.
If you have already purchased the Yale Easy Fit Alarm, then the benefits just keep getting better, an add-on USB device can be used to connect the two systems together allowing remote access to both via the Yale App.

All in all this is a great system for the price, coupled with easy installation, this is a must have for any home or business that is serious about their security.  Yale quote that a property is 90% less likely to be burgled when fitted with CCTV, need we say any more!

For the full selection of Yale CCTV Kits and Accessories please see this page on our site

Jargon Buster

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
DVR – Digital Video Recorder
GB – Gigabyte
TB – Terabyte
TVL – Television Lines
IR – Infrared
BNC – Bayonet Neill–Concelman
HDMI – High-Definition Multimedia Interface
IP – Ingress Protection, a rating to show how weatherproof a device is

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New Asec Din Standard Locks

January 13, 2015

Asec Security have launched a new range of mortice locks that are CE marked and conform to EN 12209, these European contract modular lockcase’s all have the same dimensions which allows for easy installation and lock interchangeability.

But what are Din Locks and where can they be used?


Asec Din Bathroom Lock


Asec Din Dead Lock


Asec Din Latch Case


Asec Din Sash Lock

DIN standard locks will be most commonly found within public building that are required to comply with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements.  DIN is the German Institute for Standardization, locks that conform to this standard will have similar dimension, such as backset and forend height, which are set at 60mm backset and 235mm forend length.  These standard measurements specify the location of door handles and key holes, as set out by the DDA.

The new range of Asec DIN Lockcases have these measurements

Case Depth – 93mm
Backset – 60mm
Case Height – 165mm
Centres – 72mm
Forend Length -235 mm
Forend Width – 20mm

For a low cost lock, the Asec DIN Lock cases really do come with lot of great features

  • Silver Powder Coating for good corrosion resistance
  • Latch bolt with roller bearing for smooth quiet movement
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Can be fitted to 1/2 hour and 1 hour fire doors
  • CE marked
  • Conforms to EN 12209 standards

So if you require some good quality DIN standard door locks, look no further!

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Product Review – Jackloc Cable Window Restrictor

January 12, 2015

The award winning Cable and Window Restrictor manufactured by Jackloc is incredibly versatile and consequently suitable for public properties, homes and commercial appliances.

British Standard tested BS EN 14351-1:2006 and BS EN 13126-5:2011 make this high performance Jackloc restrictor a great safeguard on all buildings such as Care Homes, Hospitals, Nurseries, Hotels, Schools, Universities and many more.  Far exceeding the requirements of both British and European standards the Jackloc is well known for its strength and safety, manufactured with child safety in mind.

The Jackloc comprises of three main parts.  Part A – the body, Part B – the swivel body and Part C – the bullet.
Jackloc Window Restrictor

Fitting is simple.
It’s recommended to place Part A in the desired position on your window frame or cill and mark the screw holes.  Repeat this action for Part B on the opening window frame, ensuring the window is closed during installation.  Parts A and B can be fitted either vertically or horizontally depending on your own personal preference.
It’s advisable to drill pilot holes with a 3mm drill bit for Part A and Part B.  The Jackloc is supplied with size 8 security clutch screws, so be aware that once they are fitted, they can not be unscrewed.

To operate the Jackloc, ensure that Part C is pushed into the lock housing of Part A and turn the supplied key to the locked position.  Pulling on the cable will confirm it is secure.  The key must be used to unlock the restrictor as well as lock.  The bullet can only be removed when the key is in the unlocked position making this product an incredible safety measure installed with ease.  As quoted by Jackloc ‘the price of safety can not be measured’.

The Jackloc window restrictor is very versatile and can be fitted to every type of window and door opening including Wooden, uPVC, Steel and aluminium doors and windows.

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Top Tips to secure your home this Christmas

December 15, 2014

The season of fun and good times is upon us with Christmas just around the corner, we are all starting to prepare to welcome friends and family in to our home to celebrate during this festive period.  During this busy time, home security is often put to the back of our minds, but with the increase of expensive items within home, it should be given some serious thought.  Here our or top tips to protect your home, possessions and gifts and to stay safe this Christmas Time.

  • Deterrent is often the best form of protection – Fit a motion sensor security light or some festive lights to brighten up the outside of your property.  Stickers in windows showing property marking or a member of neighbourhood give further warnings that this house is protected and not worth stealing from.
  • Don’t leave anything on show – Whether at home or in a car, don’t leave presents and gifts on show.  When at home blinds and curtains can be used to stop anyone looking in from outside.  Whilst away from the home, if you have to leave presents in a car, make sure they are looked in the boot.
  • Don’t advertise that your home is unoccupied – With increased popularity in social media, it is all too easy to give away your location or inadvertently promote that your property is empty for a period of time.  Make sure that social media security settings only allow friends to view your status or don’t post such items.
  • Festive lights – The tradition of festive lights has almost become a national obsession, however make sure the lights don’t compromise home security.  Power leads should not be feed through an open window.
  • Away for Christmas – I lot of people go away for Christmas, leaving their home unattended.  There are a number tricks that can be used to give the impression of an occupied house.  Firstly make sure that any deliveries are stopped, stop any newspaper or milk rounds.  Internal lights with timer switches that are set to come on when it gets dark will give the feeling that a property is occupied.  A TV simulator is another security device that gives the impression of someone at home.  This simple device has a number of coloured LED’s that mimic the light given off by a television set, thus giving the impression of someone at home and deterring any would be thieves.  A vehicle on a drive way is another way to give the impression that someone is home.
  • Use lock and security devices – This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many doors and windows are left unsecured, or how many security devices are fitted, but not used.  If you have an Alarm system use it, even if you are just popping down the shops.

If you require any sort of security advice during the Christmas period or any time of the year, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Gate Locks – The possibilities are almost endless!

December 9, 2014

The choice and availability of gates is almost endless, as gate are available in many shapes, sizes materials and security levels the locks that are used to protect these gates also vary enormously. The average home owners will think of a gate as the one that protects his garden, a business owner might think of the gates that protect an office car park, whereas a farmer or land owner will consider the wooden or metal gates that protects their land.

 garden gate office gates

Gate locks can fall into two categories, those that lock and secure a gate, and those that hold a gate in the closed position, know as latches. Smaller gates, and those that are found on homes are more likely to have a gate latch, these will hold the gate in a closed position but offer no locking function. Gate latches come in many styles to suit gate style and personal preference, these can be operated by one or both side, some even incorporate a spring to hold the gate firmly closed.

When looking to secure a gate, many factors need to be taken into consideration, who needs access, from which side, how secure does it need to be, what material is the gate made of, only once these questions have been answered, can you start to choose an appropriate lock.

Electronic Gate Locks

For sites or building that have an access control system, electronic gate locks can be used, these allow gates to be opened remotely, or by way of a code entry or swipe card. Electronic gate locks will often be supplied with a key override that will allow access to a key holder or emergency exit in the case of power failure, these locks are normally found on high security gates.

Mortice Gate Locks

Locks that are fitted into the edge of a door are known as mortice locks, large metal and wooden gates can use mortice locks very well, these can be operated by a mortice key or cylinder lock which allows a gate to be easily included into a keyed alike or master key suite.


Gates can be secured with the use of a padlock, these can be in conjunction with a hasp or chain. Chains are more likely to be used with a metal set of gates, with the chain easily passing through any holes in the gate. Padlock hasps can easily be fitted to wooden gates, supplied screws make fitting very easy and allow a padlock to secure a gate.

Combination Bolts

For easy access to many people, combination bolts from Squire and Yale are available to secure gates. Very much like a standard sliding bolt, where a bolt is attached to the main gate then slide across to engage with a small keep, the combination bolt allows this same locking function but movement is only allows when correct combination is entered.

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National Home Security Month – Week 5, Future Home Security

October 28, 2014

The last week of this years National Home Security Month looks into the future, and the devices that will be used to drive down burglaries in the next few years.  As homes and people become more connected via the internet so is security!



Not a new method to combat crime, but CCTV has now become cheap enough to install at home.  With the advances in internet connection speeds and the progression of smart phones, people can now monitor their home CCTV while they are aware from the house, and even whilst on holiday abroad.  Motion sensors built into small CCTV cameras, allow them to record only when movement is detected, this reduces the about of data that is captured and also allows for a remote signal to be sent to a smart device.

Digital Door Viewers

Door viewers, that allow a caller to be identified before the door is opened, have been common home security devices for some time now.  However, as technology has improved so have door viewers!  An external camera  and internal screen, both of which are battery powered, are used to view the caller at a front door, devices that include internal memory can be used to store images captured by the external camera

Digital Door Locks

Yale Keyless Digital Lock is a new electronic lock that allows easy entry into a property via a pin code, offering easy and convenient access to anyone with the correct code, features of the Keyless Lock include

  • Touch Screen Keypad
  • Pin codes of between 4-12 digits
  • Low power consumption, 4 x AA Batteries will allow up to 10000 actions
  • Weather Resistant keypad
  • User codes are retained when batteries are replaced
  • Fake Pin Code, Prevent others from identifying your pin code during access, the fake PIN code function confuses the onlookers but at the same time allows you to still gain entry.
  • Low battery warning light
  • Can be fitted by any budding home diyer

This keyless door lock can be fitted to most timer doors and with its 60mm backset, can be retro fitted to most Yale Nighlatches.  From the outside, the key less lock is opened by entering a Pin code, simply tap the key pad the enter the code, temporary codes can be used for visitors and then easily deleted.

For advice on any of the items discussed in the post please contact the locktrader team here – Contact Us

National Home Security Month – Week 4, Outdoor Security

October 21, 2014

Week 4 of National home security week looks at outdoor security and how households can best protect the perimeter of their home and anything stored outside


Garage Security

Garage security is vitally important to the overall security of a property as many high value, easy removable items can be found in a garage.  Just take a moment to think of the goods that are stored in your garage, these can range from bikes, lawn mowers, tools and other sporting equipment, all of which come with a high price tag.  Now lets look at the door and window locks that are protecting this equipment.  Most garage doors will only have a single locking device, this being the handle that is used to open and close the doors, these handle locks are normally of low security and can be easily bypassed or wrenched off, it is therefore good practice to fit and use additional garage door locks.  Locking garage bolts can be fitted to most types of garage door and offer great levels of improved security.  The garage bolt kit contains a pair of locking bolts that both use the same key, the long bolt extends out from the lock case by over 50mm with a number of turns of the key, this bolt can extend left or right into a wall, or down into the ground depending on the garage door type.
Other garage entry points also need to be considered, the rear door to a garage should have a British Standard Lock, just like any other external door to a house and any opening windows on a garage should be fitted with a suitable locking device.

Shed Locks

Garden sheds are great place to store garden equipment or hide from the other half, but have you considered the locks that are used to secure them, if you even have any!  Sheds are an easy target for passing criminals, often cheap, low security locks are used and when combined with thin wall construction make them hard to secure.  Most sheds have some sort of concrete base, a ground anchor can be secured to this concrete base, a chain and padlock can then be used to secure garden equipment to.  Some sort of alarm could also be used to protect a shed, this could be an extension to a alarm already fitted to the main house, or a stand alone system inside the shed, battery operated alarm system are useful for sheds that do not have a power source.

Outside lighting

A lots of councils are saving money by switching street lights off  over night, this combined with longer darker nights over winter give criminals even more cover to check out a properties weak point or attempt a break in.  Outside security lights with motion sensors will combat this threat by switching on a light when anyone walks close by.  Security lights powered by a Solar panel are no readily available, these allow for easy installation without the need to employ an electrician

More details can be found in this video from Yale, for any lock or security advice give locktrader a call on 01843 209239.

National Home Security Month – Week 3, Protecting Valuables

October 15, 2014

National Home Security Month is well under way now, looking at all aspects of home security and how we can make our home less susceptible to burglary.  The third week of the campaign concentrates on valuables and how best to protect them against theft whilst at home

Protecting Your Valuables

Wireless home Alarms

A home alarm system can dramatically improve home security, 60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms are unsuccessful.  Yale have a great range of Wireless Home Alarm Kits that are very easy to install and set-up without the need for lots of cables connecting the main control panel and sensors.  The Yale Wirefree Alarms have some great features built in, such as 3 auto-dial alert telephone numbers for contacting you if the alarm is activated, a wireless range of 30m, tamper alert and options for pet friendly sensors.  Yale Wirefree alarms can be viewed here on the site

Home Safes

Small home safes are another defence against property thefts from the home.  Electronic or key operated safes can be used to store high value and important items such as jewellery and passports.  A small home safe will be supplied with mounting bolts that are used to bolt the safe to a wall or the the floor, this also give almost endless possible mounting positions.  Under the stairs or in a cupboard / wardrobe are favourite places to mount a safe.

Key safes can also be used within a home to store car keys.  As vehicle security features have improved, car thieves now have only one option to steal a car, and that is by getting hold of the keys.  Often a criminals will break into a house just to get access to car keys, fishing through a letterbox with a long metal wire is another well know method to get access to a set of keys.

Security Marking

Security marking of personal property can discourage burglars from stealing your possession.  Marking can be carried out in a number of methods, some that are very obvious, others that are not so.  A permanent marker can be used to write over the item, this is a quick and easy way to prove possession, but does deface your belonging, engraving can also be used to permanently mark an item with a hard surface.  Invisible marking can be used to good effect, but will not deter a theft as the deterrent is invisible to the naked eye, in this case window stickers can be used to highlight this security measure.  UV pens or forensic markers are good example of invisible markings, both of which can be used to prove ownership.  Some items such as jewellery, artwork or antiques are not suitable for marking, in this case it is a good idea to take photos of such items and then store in a safe place.


National Home Security Month – Week 2, Securing Doors and Windows

October 7, 2014

The second week of this year National Home Security Month, starts to look at Door and Window Security and the best methods to make them safe and secure.  This info-graphic gives details of the typical methods of entry into a property.  Thieves will always go for an easy option such as an open door or window


Door Locks

Different types of door require different styles of lock

The type and style of door that is fitted to a property will determine which lock is required to secure the door.  Timber doors will need a British Standard Mortice or Nightlatch lock that conforms to BS3621, whereas a UPVC plastic door with multi point locking will need a British Standard Kitemark TS007 cylinder.

British Standard Mortice Sash Lock

British Standard Mortice Sash Lock

British Standard Nightlatch Lock

British Standard Nightlatch Lock

TS007  British Standard Kitemarked Cylinder

TS007 British Standard Kitemarked Cylinder

British Standard locks for timber and wooden doors have been independently tested to meet the high standards of BS3621.  Locks that have meet this standard can easily be identifed as the British Standard number will be stamped onto the edge of the lock.  BS3621 has evolved over the years with new versions of the standard in 1980, 2004 and the latest version 2007.  If you current lock is BS rated but an older version it is advisable to upgrade to the latest BS3621:2007

Cylinder or Barrel locks are most commonly found within a multi point mechanism on a plastic UPVC door.  Cylinder lock can be susceptible to lock snapping, a technique that can be used to snap the cylinder and then gain access to the locking mechanism to open a door.  To prevent this type of attack, upgrade you lock to a British Standard Kitemark TS007 cylinder.

Window Locks

Rather than breaking a window, which is noisy and can attract attention, criminals will try to gain entry through a window by forcing the window frame.  It is therefore essential that all windows on the ground floor and above are locked with a key operated lock.  Most new UPVC windows are supplied with a locking window handle, these locks can be added to with a suitable secondary window lock.

Sash Window Stops

Sash Window Stops

Swing lock for wooden windows

Swing lock for wooden windows

Window Restrictor

Window Restrictor

For any help and advice concerning home security, do not hesitate to contact us

National Home Security Month – Week 1

September 30, 2014

At the end of October the clocks go back as we officially say goodbye to British Summer Time, this means that winter is on it’s way and we can expect shorter days and darker nights.  For this reason Yale have created National Home Security Month, a national campaign that has been created to highlight the increased threat of home break ins during darker nights.

During the 5 weeks of October a different home security topic is covered, all of which will give households all the required info to protect themselves against burglary.

Week 1 – National Home Security Month is Back!

The home security campaign starts off with a look at the Yale Crime Watcher App.  This unique, app for all smart phones, has an easy to use postcode search facility which displays current burglary statistics within a one mile radius of your home, during a one-month period.  The Yale App also give useful tips and advice to effectively secure all sections of your home against burglary.  To get this app, simply search ‘yale crime watcher’ from Itunes or Android Play Store.

For more information please see the National Home Security Facebook Page –



National Home Security Month – October 2014

September 24, 2014

It is that time of year again, when we say goodbye to summer and hello to Autumn, with shorter days with darker nights, it is also a time that sees an increase of break in and burglaries.

National Home Security Month is an imitative set up by Yale to highlight the problems of break-ins as the nights get darker, the scheme also offers useful information to help households protect themselves.  Each week throughout October has a different theme, all of which

Week 1 – Week commencing 29th September – National Home Security Month is Back

To kick the campaign off, the first week looks into the Yale Crime Watcher App, this simple to use smart phone app can be used to display the number of burglaries in a location.  The app can also be used to show which security products can be used to protect against intruders

Week 2 – Week Commencing 6 October – Securing Doors and Windows

The second week of Home Security Month gives specific on locks for Doors and Windows.  All types of doors and windows are covered during the week, secondary security devices for doors, such as spy holes and door chains are also covered.

Week 3 – Week Commencing 13 October – Protecting Valuables

During the third week of Home Security Month, the campaign turns to the protect of personal belongings and the best way to keep them safe.  The dangers of social media are highlighted, often a method that criminal use to find potential victims

Week 4 – Week Commencing 20 October – Outdoor Security

It is important not to forget outside security of garages and sheds, where high value items such as bikes, tools and garden equipment are stored.  Sheds that are hidden at the bottom of a garden are easy targets for thieves during the darker nights.

Week 5 – Week Commencing 27 October – Future Home Security

The final week of this campaign looks at future home security and new technologies that are helping to keep us safe and secure

Keep a close eye on our blog and facebook page throughout October, where we will be closely following the National Home Security Month, with extra tips and security advice and product information.

New Product – Asec Nightlatch with Roller Bolt

September 8, 2014

Asec Security have added to their already extensive range of Nightlatch locks with a Roller Bolt.

Asec Nightlatch Roller Bolt

Roller bolt night latch locks are often found on flats and apartments when the door is fitted with an automatic door closer.  The simple push pull action that is associated with a roller bolt stops the possibility of an accidental lock out.  When in the unlocked position, the door is easily pulled open or pushed closed, the door is then secured and locked with a turn of the key on the outside or by turning the inside handle to extend the bolt fully into the keep.

The new lock from Asec is available with a brass 5 pin rim cylinder, or case only.  The lock has fairly standard measurement for a nightlatch, with a 60mm backset and a 92mm case width, the lock is suitable for doors of thickness between 35-60mm.

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UK Residents told to ‘Investigate Own Crimes’

September 4, 2014
 police-tape  A report has been published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) which shows that victims of high volume crime are being asked to assist police with their investigation.  When reporting a crime, members of the public are asked to carry out their own examinations by talking with neighbours, looking for fingerprints and supplying any CCTV footage.

So what can be done to prevent the threat of a break-in and how can we help the police if the worst does happen

I know that we talk a lot about door and window locks, but these are the first defence against a break in.  All external doors need to have a BS rated lock, these locks have been rigorously tested against a whole range of attack methods and have passed the relevant checks.  Windows also need to be secured and locked shut as well, all too often entry to a property is made through a window that has been left unlocked.  Consideration should also be made to other parts of the house and garden, garages need to be secured and so do any outhouses and sheds, all of the items will store some expensive items that can easily be removed.

Other forms of house protection can also be used, a burglar alarm offers home protection on 2 levels, firstly the external bell box gives visual protection and secondly, if entry is attempted and if the alarm is activated the intruder will probably legit and close neighbours will be alerted.  Monitored alarm systems will inform a central monitoring office that the alarm has gone off, who when then alerts the local police.  Yale has developed a number of home alarms systems with wireless installation, thus allowing any budding DIYer to easily fit an alarm and without the need for unsightly cables to run all over a property.

Home CCTV systems have dropped in price, making them affordable for the home.  The evidence that can be taken from a CCTV image can help the police identify any suspects and will also help in a conviction if the case does get to court.  Similar to alarms, wireless camera systems are now readily available and even night vision cameras.

Helping the police with their investigations

There are a number of ways in which victims of crime can assist the police.  Firstly scene preservation is important, evidence that can lead to a suspect needs to be left alone for forensic officers to take samples off, something that might look unimportant could be a vital clue.  Local neighbours can also provide excellent information, they might have seen someone hanging around the place or a suspect vehicle.  Looking out for any stolen property on second hand sites is another tip that police forces offer, if such an item is found for sale online, a report to the police should be made.

Anything that can be done to help the police carry out their checks could save valuable police time and may even lead to an arrest and even a conviction.

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The danger of the hidden key!

September 3, 2014

Keys that are safely hidden outside a property sound like a great idea if you are looked out or lost your keys, however stop and think about the consequences if this hidden key was to get into the wrong hands!


A spare key left with a neighbour or family member is a great idea, at least that way you can be sure the key is secure, but don’t put a big tag on the key that gives away what the key is ued for, just in case your neighbours house is broken into.

Despite the risk home-owners still leave a spare key under a plant pot or near an entrance, according to recent research from home insurance company Policy Expert, around 6% of homes have a spare key somewhere near a door!

So, what would happen if unauthorised entry was made using this key….would an insurance company pay out.  As normal this depends on who the insurance policy is with and what sort of cover you have.  Some companies will pay out while others might not, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!  If you are in the habit of leaving a key outside a property, it maybe worth checking the small print of your policy to see if you are covered in the event that a key is used to make unauthorised entry into a property.

When considering key safety, it is also worth thinking about who might have access to your keys, and who could has had access to your property in the past.  It is good practice to run some background checks to any tradesman that requires access to your property when you are out.   When moving to a new place, it is always best to get all external door locks changed, that way you have complete control over who has access to the keys.

An insure may decline a claim, if it appears you have been negligent, in the case of keys under a plant pot, it is likely that this clause will kick in and result in your claim being thrown out and ultimately you will be left out of pocket.

If your key are lost of stolen and then used to gain entry to your home, you should be covered, however you should report the keys as lost or stolen to the police and quickly as possible and make arrangement to have the locks changed, some policies will cover the costs involved.

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For some time now patio doors have been vulnerable to lift ...

August 28, 2014

For some time now patio doors have been vulnerable to lift attacks, a method whereby the sliding door is lifted out of it’s track and allowing access to a property.

The Ivess Lock solves this problem with a unique locking bolt that is angled into the sliding door to restrict upwards movement. The main lock body of the Anti Lift device is fitted to the frame of the patio door lock, the bolt is then pushed into the door.
With a lightly sprung pin this lock is easy to use by anyone.
Ivess Lock

As featured on Dragons Den, the anti lift device has a very simple locking method, the spring loaded bolt is withdrawn by simply pulling the large black knob, when fully retracted the knob can be twisted left or right to hold the pin in the open position. When retracted the Ivess lock pin is an extra 1.5cm further out than normal, this allows for an easy visual check to make sure the patio door is secure.

Ivess Lock on Patio Door Fitting of this patio door lock is very easy, and made even easier with the fitting template that is included with all packs. Simply remove lock from packaging, the cardboard insert when unfolded is used as a template to fit the lock, the lock is supplied with 2 self drilling holes for easy installation.

Multiple Ivess locks can be used for increased security, these extra locks can be fitted to the top and bottom of the sliding door section and even on the side rail.

Secure ventilation can also be achieved with the Ivess lock, by the addition of a second hole for the locking pin slightly further along the door sill. With a second hole, the lock can be used to hold the door in a slightly open position, allowing good ventilation but restricting the door to be opened further, this is great protection for pets and children.

This patio door lock is not locked with the use of a key, where this function allows for easy use, it could also allow an easy exit point for an intruder who made entry via another door or window.

Search Ivess on this site to place and order for this innovative patio door lock.

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Asec Kite Elite cylinders, now with Thumbturn options

August 18, 2014

The new range of high security cylinders from Asec has just got bigger.  The Asec Kite Elite cylinders are now available with Thurmturn options which allows easy locking and unlocking from the inside.

The Asec Kite Elite cylinders have been accredited with some of the highest security levels currently available;

  • BSI Kitemarked
  • 3 star rating
  • BS EN 1303:2005
  • TS007 2012
  • Anti Drill, Pick and Bump
  • Anti snap with break away section
Asec Kite Elite Cylinder with Thumb Turn

Asec Kite Elite Cylinder with Thumb Turn

Currently the thumb turn Kite Elite cylinder can be purchased in a Nickel Plated finish with an overall length of 70mm, 80mm, 85mm and 100mm.  For easy operation of a number of cylinders, the Kite Elite cylinders can be keyed alike, this allows the same key to operate a number of cylinders, ideal for small business and homes.  Both the double cylinder and thumb turn cylinders can be keyed alike into a suite.

Contact the sales team to make an inquiry about these high security cylinders or place an order online, just search for Kite elite.

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Doors are biggest home maintenance problems

August 14, 2014

Britain’s home have in the region of 106.4m outstanding maintenance problems around the house, ranging from dripping taps, poor decoration and mouldy walls.  New research from Which? shows that sticking door and locks are the most common property issue.

A faulty lock is more often caused by poor fitting or movement of the door or frame, it is unlikely that a fairly new lock will become faulty.  Wooden doors are prone to movement and swelling with weather conditions, water can be drawn into a door or frame causing the wood to expand and swell.  Movement and expansion of doors can cause the door to become sticky and will often move the lock case and keep out of alignment and thus making the lock harder to operate or in some extreme cases not able to move at all.  Often the best cure is to wait for the swelling in the door to subside, to speed up this process a fan heater could be directed towards the door.

Other common issues with door locks are caused by general wear and tear, the metal on metal action of key onto lock makes for high wear rates on both the key and lock, but more on the softer metal that keys are made from.  Most locks are supplied with three keys, a good practice is to keep one of the keys as a spare, then get new keys cut from this spare every year and discard the older worn keys.

Difference between a used key and original

Difference between a used key and original

Lock lubrication is essential to keep your locks in working order and to maintain good levels of security.  Special lock lubrication has been developed by ABUS and Silca which are graphite based.  These powder lubricants place a thin layer of graphite powder onto the lock, powder is used rather more traditional liquid lubricants as these become sticky and attract dirt and grime over time.

If you have any door that are not closing or locking as they should do, do not hesitate to call the sales team at locktrader, we would be most happy to assist.

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New Squire CombiBolt3 – Unique recodable locking bolt

July 2, 2014

Squire Locks have introduced a new locking combination bolt to complement their already successful  CombiBolt with a new 3 dial version, The new Squire CombiBolt 3 benefits from a die cast lock body and steel locking bolt that make this combination bolt ideal for outside harsh environments.  This bolt can be used as a replacement to a more traditional padlock with hasp and staple and can be used on sheds, gates, cupboards and cabinets.

Squire CombiBolt3

Squire CombiBolt 3

The CombiBolt 3 is very easy to use with simple one handed operation, the correct combination code is entered into the 3 dials, the bolt can then be open or closed.  So this locking bolt can not be removed from the door it is protecting, security clutch head screws are supplied, along with a high pick resistance, this combination bolt offer great levels of security.

With no keys to lose this lock is great for anyone that is prone to mislaying keys!  The bolt can also be used where access is required by multiple people, the code can be given out to many people, a much more cost effective method than handing out loads of keys.  The combination code is also very simple to change, just in case the code gets into the wrong hands!

Squire CombiBolt 3 can be purchased from from £9.32

Summertime is here, but don’t forget home security

June 25, 2014

Well it is here at last, and according to the weather forecasters, this summer is going to be  nice one!  With households still on tight budgets many families are choosing to holiday in the UK or having a staycation where they enjoy days out within driving distance of their home.  Either way, when your home is left unattended, even for short periods of time, it is important to consider home security.

Criminals have become much smarter these days and are now turning to Social Media to locate potential targets.  During the summer months, social media is full of posts and pictures from people on holiday, often accompanied with a location tag, so anyone with poor privacy levels on their social media account could instantly give away their location and length of time away

  • Check privacy levels of social media accounts, and make sure that only friends can see your posts
  • Stop all location services on mobile devices before going away
  • Remove EXIF from all images, this is a service that added a location to images
  • Think before you post!  Don’t advertise where you are, or how long you are away for
  • Post when you get home – Relive the holiday experience when you get home, and then post your holiday snaps and video

Physical home security is also very important when your house is unattended, all locks and windows should be locked shut, it also good to get into an exit regime, going round to each door or window to check it is securely locked.All external doors must be locked with a high security lock either a British Standard mortice lock or night-latch, side and rear doors that are not final exit point can be further protected with internal bolts.  All windows should also be locked shut with a key operated lock and ideally not left open for ventilation.

Giving off the impression of an occupied home will instantly deter most passing criminals, who will move onto an easier target.  Lights on timer switches will give the feeling that someone is home, likewise a fake TV device, a simple set of LED lights that mimic the light given off by a television set, can also be used to pretend that someone is home.  Unplugging the home phone is another good security technique when away for a period of time, the continued ringing of a phone is sign that buglers use to when accessing a property.

Informing local friends, family and neighbours that you are on holiday is another good security point for unoccupied homes, maybe ask one of them to go into the property and move away any post, this is another sign that could be used to indicate that a property is empty.

If you have any home security concerns, or would like to discuss any security upgrades, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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New Squire Keybolt

June 24, 2014

Squire has just released their latest lock to the UK market, a new rim lock that is fitted to the outside of a door.  With this new lock Squire has broken with lock tradition, normally a rim lock would be fitted to the inside of a door, a key is then passed through the door to lock and unlock the door, the major problem with this style of lock is the length of the key!  As the key has to pass through the door and into the lock case the key has to be quite long, making it bulky and a bit of a pain to carry around.

Squire Keybolt  Squire Keybolt Measurements

With its weather proof cover this lock can be used outside on sheds and gates and is an ideal replacement for a padlock and hasp.  The rim lock is also supplied with security screws that are also concealed when the cover is fitted, thus making the lock almost impossible to remove from the door.

Keybolt can be used on a left or right hand opening door, and it’s relatively small size makes it suitable for many a wide range of doors, such as cupboards, sheds, gates, cabinets, lockers and small vans.

Squire Keybolt

  • External or internal use
  • 4 Lever locking mechanism
  • Weatherproof cover
  • 95 mm x 65mm lock case
  • Steel Components

The Squire Keybolt lock can be purchased here on our site –

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Door Lock Maintenance – Top tips to keep your locks fully working

June 11, 2014

Door locks are only effective if they are fully working and operate correctly, a sticky lock could compromise home security and could even leave you locked out!  There are a few reasons why a lock may become faulty or stiff, use these top tips to recognise the fault and make an effective repair.

As with all home maintenance, prevention is often the best method to keep your home in tip top condition.  This is no exception with locks, the metal and metal action of keys to lock will result in high wear and tear.

Lock Lubrication

Regular lock lubrication will add years to the life span of a lock, especially any locks that are exposed to the elements.  The most effective type of lock lubrication is Graphite Powder, a dry lubricant that will not attract dirt and grime like wet lubricants do.  Graphite powder is easily sprayed into a lock, simply insert the nozzle and press the container, this will shoot a fine layer of graphite into the lock, coating all the moving parts with a fine layer of lubricant.  Lock lubrication should be carried out every 4-6 months, more frequently if the lock is especially exposed to the elements or in a marine environment.

Key problems

Keys are great until they start to go wrong!  At the first signs of any type of key problem – get it sorted.  Keys that are hard to insert or turn will not cure themselves, but will only get worse.  Lubrication is the first place to start, but if this does not improve the operation of the lock, a worn key could be the problem.  Each time a key is used with a look, the metal on metal action of inserting and turning the key will wear the lock and key.  Normal wear and tear will be seen quicker with the key due to the softer brass that keys are typically made of.  With any new look it is good practice not to use all the keys that are supplied with the lock all of the time.  If possible key one of the original keys as a spare, as other keys become worn, replacement keys can be copied from the original that you saved, rather than an old key.

Sticky latch or bolt

Door handles are used to withdraw latch bolts in a similar action that keys are used to lock and unlock a bolt, both of these moving parts can become sticky and hard to move.  Door movement is the most common cause of a stiff bolt, if a door has moved slightly on its hinges or a wooden door that has swelled slightly in damp conditions, the alignment of the door lock to the keep might be slightly out.  Other causes of a stiff or sticky bolt could be dirt on the bolt, this can easily be cured with some lubricant.

 Loose or floppy handles

One of the most common problems with door locks that are operated by handles is floppy or loose handles.  This occurs when the internal springs that should return the handle to the normal position is worn and not working correctly.  The latch springs can be found within the handles and lock case, replacement of both types of spring might be required to get the handle to return to the normal position.

Replacement internal parts

Locks that are getting old and starting to show signs of their age can be brought back to life.  All internal locking parts of a lock can be replaced for new, this will give a new lease of life to an old lock, and can sometimes be cheaper than ordering and fitting a new lock.

Looking after your locks at regular intervals is important, and just plain old good sense, a poorly maintained lock will bite you one the bum, when it fails to open and you are stuck outside in the rain!

Distraction Burglary – Top tips to avoid and stay safe

May 29, 2014

Sussex police have recently issued a warning about Distraction burglary following a recent spate in the Brighton and Hove areas, but what is distraction burglary, and how can you best protect yourself against such threats.

Distraction burglary is a form of burglary where an intruder tricks their way into a property with the sole purpose of removing personal items from the property.  Often a pair of criminals will work together with one befriending the occupants while another removes the items, the elderly and disabled are most vulnerable to distraction burglary.  Offenders will often use an elaborate story to enter a house, often posing as officials or requesting your help with something.

Common lies used by distraction burglars

  • I need to read your meter
  • We are the police, we have a caught a burglary with some cash down the road, we need to check your money is safe
  • I have broken down, please can I use your phone
  • Could my son and I ask you a few questions for his school project
  • I have come to see my relative who lives next door, but they are out, can I borrow a pen to leave a note
  • I am from the water board, we need to turn your water off as there is a leak down the road

If you are not sure who is calling, then do not open the door, a side window or door viewer could be used to check who is calling without the need to open your front door.  If you do need to open the door, then always leave the chain attached while you find out who is calling, what they want and to check their ID.  If you are still not convinced by their story, you can tell them to go away, call a younger neighbour for assistance or if needs be call the police.

Distraction burglary is getting more sophisticated as people have become more aware of the techniques used, the sympathetic approach is now often used and increasingly in conjunction with children, sob stories are used to try and pull on the heart strings of the occupant, with a story along the lines of my car has broken down or a fake emergency.

Checking Identity

Checking the identity of a caller at the door, even if you are expecting someone is the first line of defence when dealing with this kind of burglary, always ask to see their identification, check the ID very carefully, if you are blind or partially sighted then ask a friendly neighbour to assist.  If you are not expecting anyone then extra care should be taken when checking the caller, take their name and who they are working for and ask them to wait outside.  Look up the company name in a phone directory or if needs be call some sort of directory enquires and check to make sure they have someone of that name working for them.  Do not use a number given to you by the caller, this could be a bogus number.
A number of utility companies are now using a password scheme, whereby a password given by the caller can be verified with the company concerned.

Chances are if you do go through the above advice and the caller is bogus, they will realise that you are not an easy target and move on.

Tips to stay safe

  • Fit and use a door chain, this allows you to identify a caller without the need to fully open the door
  • Don’t allow anyone into your house without first seeing some form of identification
  • If you are still not sure who is at the door, make a call to the company they say they are from, but don’t use a number from the caller, this could be a bogus telephone number
  • Don’t store large amounts of cash at home

Remember, stay safe and don’t trust anyone that comes to your door, if you are ever in doubt or fear of your safety, then call the police.

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New Asec 3 Star Double Euro Cylinders

May 20, 2014

New from Asec Security, and to boost their existing range of British Standard Cylinders, is the new Asec Kite Elite Euro double cylinders with a long list of security standards!

The threat of cylinder snapping has been around for over 2 years now, as first highlighted by the BBC, and more recently ITV’s this morning.  Kite elite cylinders have a break away section to the front of the cylinder that when forced will come away from the rest of the cylinder, but does not then allow access to the lock case mechanism.  Additionally a safety pin is deployed into the cam if the break away section is snapped off, this further restricts any manipulation of the lock case.

These cylinders are great replacements for UPVC front doors, for anyone that is concerned about home security, they offer great protection against all current know cylinder attack methods, such as picking, bumping, drilling and snapping.  The new Kite Elite range of cylinders are available in a satin or brass finish to match other door hardware and can also be supplied keyed alike, each cylinder is supplied with 3 keys.

Asec Kite Elite Cylinder in Satin

Asec Kite Elite Cylinder in Satin

Asec Kite Elite Cylinder in Brass

Asec Kite Elite Cylinder in Brass

  • TS007 2012 3 Star rating Kite Marked
  • BS EN 1303:2005
  • Anti Pick
  • Anti Dril
  • Anti Bump
  • Snap resistant – With break away section


Patlock – New security device for double patio and French doors

April 30, 2014

New locking device for double patio and French doors is now available from, Patlock is a new security product that has been designed to offer extra protection to double external doors and reduce the risk of a force entry via cylinder lock bumping, snapping or picking.

Patlock - Patio and French Door Security

Patlock – Patio and French Door Security

Patlock is supplied with 2 replacement spindles that use an internal spring clip that engages with grooves on the spindle, this spring clip stop the spindle from being removed from the outside, this would render the Patlock useless.

Once the new spindles have been fitted, an easy task for any home DIYer, the patio lock is then placed over each of the two handles, the two locking pins insert into the opposite lock body and securely attach to each other, to remove the lock a button is pushed on each lock body, this allows the lock to be fully removed.

  • Simply and easy to lock and relase
  • No combination or keys
  • Extra security protection against cylinder lock snapping, bumping and picking
  • Supplied with extra secure replacement spindles

The new Patlock is available to purchase from –

Patlock - Patio Door Lock Patlock - French Door Lock Patlock - Double Door Lock

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Rebate Kit Measurements

April 2, 2014

Rebate kits for double doors allow a standard dead or sash mortice lock to be used on a double set of doors.  External double doors such as French Doors or wooden patio doors have an overlap between the two doors to provide weather protection, this overlap gets in the way when fitting a mortice lock so a rebate kit is required to allow the door to be locked and fully secured.

Rebate Kit Diagram

Rebate Kit Diagram

Rebate kits contain two main parts, a rebate strip that sits behind the lock faceplate and a strike plate / keep that is fitted to the second door, both these parts allow the lock to operate with a dog legged door.

Rebate Kit measurements

Rebate kit for double doors are available in three standard sizes, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm, the most common size is 13mm.  The size is determined by the overlap between the two doors

Rebate Kit Measurements

Rebate Kit Measurements

The diagram above shows the overlap between a set of double doors, the measurement A is the rebate kit size.  Rebate kits are specific to each lock and can be purchased in a colour to match the lock forend as well.

If you require any assistance with rebate kits, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Cylinder Lock Replacement

March 25, 2014

Cylinder locks are now common place in homes and commercial properties as they offer a versatile and simple locking solution with almost endless size and colour variations.  Cylinder and barrel locks are also very easy to replace, with just one or two screws holding the lock in position, but how do you know which cylinder to order when replacing like for like?

First lets look at a few features and parts of the standard cylinder lock.

Cylinder Lock Parts

Cylinder Lock Parts

Cylinder Cam – This is the moving part of the cylinder that engages with the lock case, the cam rotates with the key to lock and unlock the locking mechanism
Lock Body – Main body of the cylinder
Retaining Screw Hole – Screw hole that is used to hold cylinder in position

Cylinder Removal

Cylinder are nice and easy to remove from a door, the only tools required is a cross head screw driver and the key.  Firstly we need to locate and remove the cylinder retaining screw, this is found on the edge of the door in line with the bottom of the cylinder, sometime a lock faceplate covers the screw, if this is the case the faceplate will need to be removed.  Once the retaining screw has been removed the cylinder can be withdraw from the lock case, however for security the key has to be used.  Insert the key in the normal way, then twist the key left or right whilst gently pulling on the cylinder to remove, the cam needs to be lined up with the lock body to allow the cylinder to be removed from the door.

Once the cylinder has been removed, we can now look to find a replacement cylinder, but we need to find out what profile, type and size of cylinder is required

Cylinder Profile

Firstly we need to determine the profile (shape) of the cylinder required, here we have 2 standard options, either Euro or Oval.  These are easy to tell apart, as the name suggest an Oval cylinder is oval in shape, a euro cylinder has a round top with a smaller oval shape underneath.



Oval Cylinder

Oval Cylinder

Cylinder Type

Cylinder are available in three main types, Double Cylinder with key on both sides, single or half cylinder with key on just one side and thumb turn cylinders with a key on the outside and a thumb-turn on the inside.  Each type of cylinder has it’s own use

Double Cylinder

Double Cylinder

Single Cylinder

Single Cylinder

Thumb Turn Cylinder

Thumb Turn Cylinder

Cylinder Size

Now here comes the slightly harder but very important part, measuring the cylinder!  Place the cylinder on a flat surface, measure the full length of the cylinder, this is just the main body of the lock, do not include the thumb-turn if there is one.  Now we have the overall length of the cylinder we also need to get the split, this is the distance from the front of the cylinder to the middle of the retaining screw and another measurement from the middle of the retaining screw to the rear of the cylinder lock.  You will now have 3 measurements, and if you have measured correctly the split number will add up to the same as the overall length, for example overall length of 70mm with a 35/35 split.  Most cylinder will have an equal split, but some will have an off set size, where the retaining screw is closer to the front or rear of the cylinder.

This video also shows how to take measurements of a cylinder lock

If you have any questions about cylinder locks or the type of cylinder you require, please do not hesitate to give our sales team a call.

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Yale – Heart and Home Security Campaign

March 19, 2014

Yale have announced their national campaign for 2014, with the launch of ‘Heart and Home’.  No Yale have not gone all medical on us, but they are reminding home owners that more than just valuables are taken during a burglary, but often sentimental items that can not be replaced, such as old family jewellery or photos.

Homes can be protected with many security devices, all of which act as deterrents to passing criminals.  Doors should be fitted with British Standard locks and all windows need to have a key operated window lock.  Home alarm systems have increased in popularity due to advances with the home wireless alarms kits from Yale, these can easily be installed by any home owner.

Yale Heart at Home

Yale Heart at Home

Yale Heart & Home security campaign

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New Bullet Locks added to

March 14, 2014

Here at we are proud of our extensive range of locks available, we like to be able to offer the exact lock or security device that customers are looking for.  We have recently added two new bullet locks to your already large range roller shutter bullet locks, with a new brass oval lock and round headed lock, housings for these bullet locks can also be purchased if required.

Brass Oval Bullet Lock

Brass Oval Bullet Lock

Round Headed Bullet Lock

Round Headed Bullet Lock

Round Headed Bullet Lock

Round Headed Bullet Lock

Housing for Round Bullet Lock

Housing for Round Bullet Lock

Bullet locks are a great way to lock and secure roller shutter doors as found on shops and light industrial units.  The roller shutter door runs up and down two runners, one on each side of the door, bullet locks are used to restrict upward movement of the door.  A hole is drilled through a runner and the shutter door when in the closed position, the bullet lock housing is then welded over the hole on to the runner, the bullet lock can then be placed into the housing, the pin on the rear of the bullet lock goes through the runner and shutter door, thus restricting any movement.

Both the oval and round bullet locks are available with either key to differ or keyed alike options.  Keyed alike options allow 2 or more locks to all operate with the same key, this makes the locking and unlocked process nice and easy, if a building has multiple locks and shutters.

If you have any questions about these new bullet lock, or any others that we have listed on our site, do not hesitate to get in contact with our sales team.

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