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UK Residents told to ‘Investigate Own Crimes’

September 4, 2014
 police-tape  A report has been published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) which shows that victims of high volume crime are being asked to assist police with their investigation.  When reporting a crime, members of the public are asked to carry out their own examinations by talking with neighbours, looking for fingerprints and supplying any CCTV footage.

So what can be done to prevent the threat of a break-in and how can we help the police if the worst does happen

I know that we talk a lot about door and window locks, but these are the first defence against a break in.  All external doors need to have a BS rated lock, these locks have been rigorously tested against a whole range of attack methods and have passed the relevant checks.  Windows also need to be secured and locked shut as well, all too often entry to a property is made through a window that has been left unlocked.  Consideration should also be made to other parts of the house and garden, garages need to be secured and so do any outhouses and sheds, all of the items will store some expensive items that can easily be removed.

Other forms of house protection can also be used, a burglar alarm offers home protection on 2 levels, firstly the external bell box gives visual protection and secondly, if entry is attempted and if the alarm is activated the intruder will probably legit and close neighbours will be alerted.  Monitored alarm systems will inform a central monitoring office that the alarm has gone off, who when then alerts the local police.  Yale has developed a number of home alarms systems with wireless installation, thus allowing any budding DIYer to easily fit an alarm and without the need for unsightly cables to run all over a property.

Home CCTV systems have dropped in price, making them affordable for the home.  The evidence that can be taken from a CCTV image can help the police identify any suspects and will also help in a conviction if the case does get to court.  Similar to alarms, wireless camera systems are now readily available and even night vision cameras.

Helping the police with their investigations

There are a number of ways in which victims of crime can assist the police.  Firstly scene preservation is important, evidence that can lead to a suspect needs to be left alone for forensic officers to take samples off, something that might look unimportant could be a vital clue.  Local neighbours can also provide excellent information, they might have seen someone hanging around the place or a suspect vehicle.  Looking out for any stolen property on second hand sites is another tip that police forces offer, if such an item is found for sale online, a report to the police should be made.

Anything that can be done to help the police carry out their checks could save valuable police time and may even lead to an arrest and even a conviction.

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