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Keyed Alike and Master Key Locks

February 13, 2014

Often considered the same, but in reality very different, keyed alike locks and master key locks are methods by which a group of locks can be bunched together.

Keyed alike locks

Almost as it sounds, keyed alike refers to 2 or more locks that operate with the same key.  Keyed alike locks can often be found when 2 or more locks are used to secure one door.  For example a large roller shutter door on an industrial unit, due to its large size the door requires a number of locks to fully secure, therefore to make the unlocking process nice and easy, keyed alike locks can be used.

Homes can also benefit from keyed alike locks, rather than separate keys for the front door, side door and patio door, all these locks can be keyed alike, thus offering just one key to open three different doors.

Keyed Alike Locks

Keyed Alike Locks

Master Key Suites

An advancement of keyed alike locks is a master key suite, here a group of similar locks each has their own set of keys, a master key can be used to operate all locks in the suite.  Often found in commercial properties master key suites allow for an individual to have access to a room or office, but also allows management, maintenance or cleaning staff to have access.

A cylinder lock allows a locksmith to easily create a master suite, the internal pins found within a cylinder allow for almost endless possible key combinations, cylinder locks are also available in many formats that can be used to secure various locks and doors.

Master locks can also be further split up into sub master groups, here you would find a grand master key that would open all locks in the suite, then sub master keys and groups can be set up to have access to certain locks.

Master Key Suite with Sub Master

Master Key Suite with Sub Master

Master suite locks are also very adaptable, once a suite has been established adding or removing locks can be easily achieved, by quoting a suite reference number, extra locks can be pinned to extend an existing system.

Restricted key profiles are also often used with master key suites, these offer extra security by limiting who can obtain extra keys, with a restricted profile only an authorised signatory can order replacements.

Locktrader offer keyed alike and master keyed locks off the shelf, or for more advanced systems we can create a system to match your exact requirements, contact our sales team for more information.

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