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Sophisticated new Burglary scam in South-West London

November 21, 2013

A new scam has been highlighted in the Wandsworth borough of London, whereby criminals are marking vulnerable homes by placing a discreet sticker onto a front door.

Working in pairs these criminal gangs send out ‘scouts’ to identify homes with weak security, a sticker is then placed on the door highlighting this fact.

Police are already linking these stickers to at least one burglary in Wandsworth. The stickers are printed with the words “24 hour locksmith” and a telephone number. However the number does not exist.

“There is strong evidence that some organised teams of burglars may be using this method to target homes in south London,” said Councillor Jonathan Cook, the council’s crime prevention spokesman.

The local council are therefore urging local residents to keep a very close eye out for these stickers and if they find one to remove it straight away.

The police believe that a scout is sent out to an area to find potential targets, this is carried out by calling at homes to find out if anyone is home.  This also gives them the chance of getting up close and personal to door and window locks, if the property is deemed in-secure a sticker is left.

With criminal gangs now targeting our houses, home security has never been more important.  Front and back doors should be fitted with a British Standard lock, these have passed vigorous tests to prove their security levels, all opening windows need to be fitted with an appropriate window lock.

Check out our secure range of door locks and window locks. If you have any concerns about your  levels of home security, then please get in contact, we would be more than happy to offer security product advice.

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