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National Home Security Month – Week 3 – Protect your valuables

October 16, 2013

Locktrader is proud to be a supporter of National Home Security Month

Week 3 of the campaign looks at protecting valuables inside the home and the best options to keep vulnerable items secure.

Home Security safes can be used to protect items inside the home, these need to be bolted to a solid wall or floor for maximum protection.  Think about the best place to locate the safe, bottom of a cupboard, under the stairs or if you have one in the cellar.  Next consider the most appropriate belongings to store within the safe, credit cards, keys, jewellery or important documents i.e. passports.

Safes can be purchased with sizes to suit all budgets and space available and also with different lock options, key or electronic keypad, giving options for anyone that is prone to lose keys.  The other advantage of an electronic lock, no keys to store, if an intruder does have plenty of time within a property any safe keys could be searched for.

Smaller key safes can also be put to good use within a property.  Traditionally key safes have been installed outside a property, housing a set of keys that allow anyone with the correct combination access to the property.  Key safes can also be used inside to house and protect car keys or shed keys.  With the advances in car security, theft of motor vehicles is now much harder, so instead theives now resort to breaking into a property to gain access to car keys.

The next week of National Home Security Month looks at Outside protection and how to look after sheds, garages and anything left outside, be sure to look out for our next blog post.

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