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Do you lock your door?

June 17, 2013

I had a very random but extremely interesting conversation with a lovely lady on a flight to Italy back in May, we got chatting about the book that I was reading, Ben Anslie – Close to the Wind, as the chat went on we discussed work, where I explained that I worked for at this point she started to tell me, with a wry smile on her face that she hardly every locks her front door.  I was astonished and started to question this, if you don’t lock your door do you have insurance? Yes was the answer, but if you suffered theft from your home, the insurance company would not pay out?  Ah yes but we don’t have any crime in our village.  So it turns out that she lives in a small village in sleepy Cornwall with low crime figures, Ok I can go with that but still find the concept of not locking a door when away from a property very odd, I sometimes even lock the door when I am in the garden or garage, just in case someone sneaks in when I’m not looking!

So this chance meeting got me thinking, how many other people leave their dwellings unlocked, a quick Google search and turns out more than you think!  Let us know if you don’t lock your doors and know of other people that don’t?

The reason for not locking doors seems to be varied, but the party line has to be always lock your door!  And don’t just take our word, the Police and British Insurance Companies give the same advice.

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