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Garden Security Tips

Improvements with Garden Security can have an impact on overall home security, if someone can get easy access to a garden this could give them more time and opportunity to gain entry to a property, a garden that looks secure will put an intruder off in favour of another property.

The perimeter fence or wall is the first place to start when thinking about garden security, this should be at least 2m tall.  Wooden fence panels could include a trellis at the top to encourage plants and shrubs to grow, this will obscure visibility in to the garden for anyone that is looking for a potential target.  Spikes placed on top of walls and fences can be a great deterrent to anyone looking to climb over, but avoid barbed wire or anything else that could lead to serious injury, an intruder could take out legal action against a homeowner.  Side gates need to be locked at all times, specialist gate locks are available, but a simple padlock and hasp or bolt will also do the job.

Hedges, plants and shrubs can be strategically planted around a garden to increase security.  Prickly and thorny shrubs such as Blackthorn, Holly or Hawthorn could be planted into a dark corner of a garden, giving a criminal less places to hide, also consider a prickly bush below windows and drainpipes to deter intruders.  Plants with a nasty sting can have a similar effect.
In the front garden hedges and shrubs should be kept lower than 1m / 3ft, to avoid giving a burglar a screen to hide behind.

Thorny Bush for Garden Security

 Noise is a criminals worst friend, gravel paths make noise when they are walked over, so consider changing paths and driveways for gravel.  Gravel around the perimeter of a house could also be considered, but if this is not suitable, then maybe just close to doors and windows.  A gravel path will also alert someone inside the house of anyone approaching, this could also give you time to hide, just in case you don't want to answer the door!  Other noisy garden objects come in the form of Gnome's, if you a partial to a garden Gnome, they can be used a part of your garden / home security.  Motion sensors built into some Gnome's will make a noise when someone passes, another good deterrent against intruders.

Solar Security Light Good lighting around a garden will drastically improve security, however lighting up your garden like a football pitch is quite costly!  Security lights with motion sensors, are cheap to run and will highlight when someone is in the garden.  LED bulbs are now readily available for all sorts of lights, these offer very low running costs and long life.  Solar powered security lights are now very popular, these can be DIY installed without the expensive of a costly electrician.

Garden ornaments, pots and furniture can be vulnerable to theft as they are easy to remove, security marking of these items enables the Police to return if they are stolen, but for expensive items a ground anchor and chain could be used to secure.  If you have to leave ladders in a back garden, then please secure them to something solid, ladders could be used by an intruder to gain access to an upstairs window.

For the ultimate deterrent a CCTV system can be used.  Homes are 90% less likely to be targeted when fitted with CCTV.  Yale now offer a low cost CCTV system with easy DIY installation  If your garden does contain a number of high value items, then check your contents insurance to see if they are covered.

  • Strong tall fences will stop anyone gaining access to a garden
  • Garden gates should be locked shut with suitable Gate Locks
  • Large thorny / prickly shrubs can put anyone off entering a garden or getting close to a property
  • Gravel Paths are noisy when walked on, these can alert anyone inside the property of someone outside approaching.
  • Secure bins and garden furniture so as not to be used to gain access to windows.
  • Security Lighting can be used to illuminate a dark corner or a place that someone could hide
  • Fix garden furniture to a solid object and mark with Postcode
  • Take photos of valuable garden items and equipment
  • Block shed windows with blinds or net curtains to stop anyone looking inside
  • Barbed wire and broken glass should not be used, you could be held legally responsible for any injury caused.

For any help and assistance with garden security, please contact the locktrader team

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