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Bike Security Tips

All bikes are vulnerable to theft, follow these easy cycle security tips to keep hold of your bike!

In the UK, a bicycle is stolen every minute and less than 5% are every returned to their owner, a shocking statistic, that can easily be avoided with some good cycle security.

First lets look at the lock that is used to secure your bike, the golden rule here, you get what you pay for.  Now we are not saying go out a purchase the most expensive bike lock on the market, but don't relay on a cheap lock to secure your latest £500+ bike.  If possible use two locks, a chain lock and a D Lock can be used together to offer great levels of security.
Some bike lock have been tested and rated by Sold Secure, an independent body that was set-up by UK Police Forces and the Home Office.  Each product this is tested is given a security rating of either Gold, Silver or Bronze, when purchasing a bike lock, look out for a Sold Secure rating.


Bronze - Useful when a bike is left for very short periods of time
Silver - Locks will withstand a three minute attack, hopefully a passer-by will put the thief off within that time
Gold - The most secure locks with hold off an attacker for at least 5 minutes, it is hoped by that time someone will intervene or the criminal will get bored and move on

Location of your bike when locked is another important factor when leaving your cycle for any period of time, try to find a dedicated bike park or cycle rack, or anywhere that other bikes are stored.  If a designated cycle storage area is not available, then a well light position should be sought, and one where people often pass, no point hiding your bike around the back of a property with no one overlooking, this will only give a criminal more time and opportunity to break your locks.
A decent lock and a suitable location for your locked bike are only as good as the object that you are looking too!  Look for an immovable object that is attached to the ground or a wall at both ends, railings are ideal to secure a bike to, but be courteous and consider the owner of the railings and always take note of any 'NO BIKE PARKING' signs, this is a sure way to get your bike removed!

A drain pipe could be seen as a good securing point for your locks, but take note of the drain pipe material, plastic pipes could be cut through very easily.  At home or work a ground anchor could be fitted (please ask for property owners permission before installing a ground anchor), these are wall or ground mounted rings which a bike chain can be passed through.

Locked Bike

Good secure bike in well lit area with plenty of passers by


If the worst was to happen, and your new pride and joy was stolen, a method for the police to track the bike back to you and proof of ownership are important.  Most Police forces offer some sort of bike marking scheme, once that has been completed register the cycle at, if a bicycle is recovered and security marked, the police have a good chance of returning the bike to its rightful owner.  Photos of the cycle can also be taken to prove ownership and it is always good to keep details of the purchase.

Bike insurance should also be considered, this might be part of home contents insurance, please check with your provider.  Specialist dedicated bike insurance can be taken, useful for high end expensive bike or to cover a number of bikes.

  • Use at least one bike lock, a good quality D-Lock could be used along with a cable lock.
  • Secure to something robust and immovable!
  • Choose a good secure location, such as well lit public area, if possible close to another locked cycle.
  • Secure your bike at home, almost half of bike thefts are carried out at home, consider a good ground or wall anchor.
  • Electronic Identification, invest in one of the many available bike tags, these can be used to locate a bike in the event of theft.
  • Take photos of your bike to prove ownership also taking note of any frame numbers.
  • Mark your bike with home postcode, this could be stamped into the frame or written on with permanent marker.
  • Take any removal bike accessories with you such as lights, pumps, panniers and quick release saddles.

If you require any help or assistance when choosing a suitable bike lock or ground anchor, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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