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Nightlatch Fitting Instructions

Nightlatch rim locks can offer various levels of door security, from a simple night latch lock that will hold a door closed, up to a fully secure British Standard Nightlatch with protected cylinder.  Installing a nightlatch is a fairly straightforward process that can be tackled by any home DIYer, and should not take any longer than an hour.  Rim nightlatch sizing need careful consideration before any fitting can take place, different door styles can determine which size of lock is required.  Night latches have 2 standard case sizes of 90mm and 60mm, the larger size of lock allows outside rim cylinder to be moved further from door edge, this gives more room to turn the key and operate the lock from outside.

Tools Required

  • Drill and Drill bits
  • Chisel
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tape measure / Ruler
  • Pencil / Marking device


1 – Select a suitable position on the door for nightlatch to be mounted, typically one third way down from the top, avoiding other door furniture, joints and cross members.

2 – Drill required hole for rim cylinder, hole size and position will depend on a manufacturer, refer to instructions for details.

3 – Place rim cylinder in the newly created hole, ensuring the keyhole is in the vertical position and tail bar is horizontal.  Using fixing screws and plates, if provided, screw cylinder into place, remove any keys from the cylinder so that tail bar does not rotate.

4 – Place lock onto fitting plate ensuring that tail bar of cylinder fits into rear of lock case, tail bar may need to be shortened. If nightlatch has overlapping lip, using lock as template draw around the lip, then with chisel remove an area from edge of door.

5 – Place lock onto fixing plate and attached with provided screws.

6 – Gently close door, line up keep with fitted lock, draw around keep then chisel out required area from the door frame so that keep fits flush to the frame, attach to frame with supplied screws.

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