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Cylinder Lock Removal and Fitting Instructions

Euro and Oval cylinder locks are used on a wide range of doors, from UPVC / Metal front doors to a suite of office doors, this simple guide explains the steps required to change such a lock.

1 – Remove any lock faceplates from edge of door.

2 – Unscrew cylinder retaining screw, this is found on edge of door in line with the bottom of the cylinder, usually a Phillips head screw.

3 – The key has to be used to remove the cylinder, insert key in the normal way, then apply a small amount of pressure to pull the cylinder out whilst turning the key slowly and this will allow the cam to line up with lock case and enable removal.

Once removed the cylinder lock will need to be measured, this is a simple process requiring 3 sizes to be taken with a standard ruler.

Cylinder Lock Measuring

1 - Place the cylinder on a flat surface, align the ruler along the lower edge of the cylinder

2 - Measure the overall length of cylinder from front face to rear face

3 - Measure distance from the front edge of the cylinder to centre of retaining screw and centre of screw hole to rear of cylinder.

These measurements will give the total length of the cylinder and split, typical measurements are along the lines of 90 45/45.

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