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Cylinder Locks

Often know as Yale locks, cylinder locks can be found on a wide range of doors and even windows.  These versatile locks can be supplied in various colours, shapes and security levels, this article gives guidance when replacing like for like cylinders or specifying new cylinder locks.

Factors to consider when choosing new cylinders

  1. Type of cylinder
  2. Size
  3. Security Level
  4. Colour

Types of cylinder

Cylinder locks are available in four main types, rim, double, half and thumb turn.

Rim Cylinder Double Cylinder Half Cylinder Thumb turn cylinder
Rim Double Half Thumb turn

Rim cylinders are used with nightlatch locks.  The key is used from outside to open rim lock and access property.

Often found in UPVC front doors double cylinders, these have key access from either end of the cylinder.

Half cylinder just has a key on one side of the lock, these are often found where access is only required from one side such as garage doors

Thumb turn cylinders or key and turn cylinders as they are also known can be found where key to the lock is only required from one side.  Thumbturn cylinder is most commonly found on office doors where a key can be used to gain access to the room, but then locked from inside with the need for a key.

Cylinder Sizes

Lock cylinder can be supplied in a whole host of sizes and suite almost any door.

Cylinder security levels

All types of cylinder are available with differing levels of security.  Each cylinder contains a number of pins of different sizes, once the key is inserted each pin corresponds with cuts on the key, if the cut and pins all line up the key can be turned and thus operating the lock.

Cyling Lock and Pins Cylinder Cutaway

Standard cylinder uses 5 pins,

Cylinder Colours

Cylinder are available as standard in a brass or silver colour, other colours can be ordered as a special.

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