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Don’t be a victim of ‘fishing’ car theft

January 19, 2016

People are being urged to be extra vigilant following a spat of attempted car thefts where thieves ‘fish’ for car keys through letter boxes.  Criminals have come up with a new way to get hold of car keys, where either a fishing rod or coat hanger are used to fish out car key via a doors letterbox.

A number of security devices are available to combat this type of threat.

Security Letterbox Cowl

Letterbox cowl is a simple metal or plastic cover that is fitted over the letterbox, this restricts how far the letter plate can be opened and thus stops someone looking through the letter plate and into the property.  A letter box security cowl still allows post though the door

letterplate restrictor

From Yale is this letter plate restrictor that can be set to fully lock the letter plate closed or allow limited movement

letter box security bag

Something a little more extreme is this Letter Box Security bag from PostGuard.  Anything that is posted through the letterbox is contained within the strong bag, this will also stop anyone looking through the letter plate

Some door will not allow a security device to be added, in some cases any alterations to doors or drilling can void warranties.  If this is the case another solution to letter box ‘fishing’ is to securely store key within a key safe

key safe

More often found outside, key safes are now being used within the home to store and secure keys.  As car security has improved aver the last number of years, thieves are looking to new methods to steal cars, this often involves breaking into a home just to steal keys to vehicles.  Store your keys in a locked key safe and criminals will not be able to ‘fish’ for them or break in and steal them.

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