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Top tips to stay safe and secure over the festive period

December 14, 2015
With Christmas just around the corner, most of us are purchasing last minute gifts and making final arrangements for the big day, however some members of society have more sinister plans.  But don’t worry, follow our top security tips for Christmas to keep you and your family safe and well. SONY DSC
  • Don’t leave presents on display.  Once your gifts have been carefully selected and wrapped it is important not to leave them on display, if you tree and gifts are visible from a window make sure the curtains or blinds are closed when you are out.
  • Many homes are left unattended over the festive period, as people visit friends and family.  I house that looks occupied is much less likely to be targeted than a home that is obviously empty, therefore make sure that any paper or milk deliveries are cancelled.  Timer switches on lights can also be used to good effect to create the impression that someone is home
  • This may sound obvious, but let’s not give criminals an easy time!  If you are away for any length of time, make sure that all doors and windows and locked shut, switch on a house alarm, if you have one and maybe consider a small CCTV system.
  • Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family over Christmas, it could also be used by criminals to target an empty house.  Make sure that social media security settings are in place to restrict who can see your posts.
  • Car key left near and visible from a door or window are vulnerable at all times of the year, where criminal break into a house, specifically to get access to vehicle keys.  This is more crucial over christmas as a stolen vehicle could be used to remove more items from a home
  • Once Christmas is over, carefully dispose of any gift boxes.  Rubbish and recycling that is left out of the street can be a advert for that nice new shiny bike that is inside
  • Once presents have been purchased it is good practice to store gift receipts in a different location, that way if the worst was to happen you can easily provide proof of purchase, this will help in any criminal investigations and to make an insurance claim.

If you have any questions about the points raised in this article, or would like assistance with home security, do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at



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