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Home Security Month – Keep it Protected

October 14, 2015
Week 3 of this years National Home Security Month, looks into how best to secure valuables inside the home.  Jewellery, cash and gadgets are the most likely items to be stolen during a domestic, but are also some of the easiest to secure. home-protection

Don’t leave items on display

Most home burglaries are carried out by opportunists, where a window or door is left open or an item is clearly visible through a window.  Whenever leaving your home unattended for any length of time, carry out a quick and simple scan around the house to make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked and any valuable items are stored away from a window or door.

Home Safe

Small home safes have become extremely popular over the past few years, especially as they are now much more affordable.  For maximum security a home safe need to be bolted to the floor or a wall and can be hidden in a cupboard or wardrobe.  Cash, jewellery, important document and even car keys can be stored within the safe and just brought out for Sunday Best!  Electronic key pads are standard with most home safe, so there is not even a key to lose, just enter a memorable number and your items are secured.

Secure yourself from identity theft

Identity theft is a growing concern for all UK residents, and is simple to carry out with enough personal information.  Shredding of all personal correspondence is now very common place across the county, but also consider any address labels on parcels and packets.  Security pens are readily available to obscure address details to secure dispose of packaging.  With Christmas just around the corner, disposal of product packing should also be considered, a quick trip to the local recycling centre is much better than leaving the empty box outside your home and advertising just what is inside!

Home Alarm and CCTV

A property that is protected by an alarm or CCTV system is a lot less likely to be targeted by thieves….and with prices of home install system at an all time low, what are you waiting for!  Yale offer Easy Fit CCTV and Alarm systems which can be easily installed by any budding diyer, the outside bell box or CCTV camera is enough to discourage passing criminals.

For any help or assistance with all aspects of home security, do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at locktrader

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