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And the winner of Shed of the year is…….

June 23, 2015

Well actually that is still to be announced, but we thought it would be a great idea to remind everyone of the importance of shed locks and security.

Sheds come in many sizes, shapes and designs but all have one thing in common, that is the need to to secured.  Not matter how much time and effort is put into a shed, some sort of locks and security is needed, here are major points to consider when thinking about shed security.

Locks to secure your shed

Shed Door Locks

Most sheds will have a single door entry, this door is most likely to be fairly thin and therefore not thick enough to take a mortice lock.  A padlock and hasp can be used to secure a thin door, along with nice large coach bolts, but can be unsightly or your pride and joy.  An alternative is a rim lock, which is mounted on to the inside of a door.  With a rim lock only a key hole is visible from the outside, the lock is also protected against the elements.
Most shed door are fairly thin, often between 10 and 20mm, which makes mounting a lock a bit tricky!  A extra sheet of wood can be attached to the inside of the door to provide extra strength, the same can be done on the wall next to the door, where the lock keep will be positioned.

Shed Window Locks

Just like windows in a house, any opening windows on a shed will need to be locked shut, if someone wants to get in and the door is locked and looks secure, the next option they have is through a window.  First lets consider, does the window need to open?  If not, lets permanently closed the window, if the window does need to open for ventilation, then fit a suitable lock

Ground Anchor

As sheds can be harder to secure than a house, it is also advisable to lock and secure any high value items that are stored within the shed.  This can easily be achieved with a ground anchor and length of chain with a padlock.  As most sheds are built on top of concrete base, this gives a great base to attached too, simply make a hole in the floor of the shed to expose the base underneath.  A good quality ground anchor can then be fixed through the floor to the concrete base, now you have a strong anchor point to secure items too.  With a long chain and padlock, expensive items such as bikes, lawn mowers BBQ and garden tools can be locked in place.  If a ground anchor is not suitable for your shed, then consider an Alarm Padlock, these are similar to normal padlocks, but offer the extra protect of an audio alarm if the padlock is moved.

Other Security options for Sheds

Security Lighting

Good lighting around a shed will soon put off any would be thieves, security lighting with motion sensors offer low running costs with instant notification that someone is prowling around.  Small solar powered lights have improved a lot of the last few years, allowing for easy low cost DIY install of security lighting.

Shed Alarms

Additional security protection can be achieved by installing a shed alarm.  Stand alone specialist shed alarms can be purchased for not a lot of money, some are even battery powered, for ease of use.  If you have an alarm on your house, can this be extended to cover the shed as well?

If you would like any help with locks and security for sheds or any other building, please do get in touch.

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