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Spring is finally here – Lets get serious about home security

April 1, 2015
 Springtime  Spring is finally here, weather permitting this gives us a great opportunity to get out into the garden after the long winter hibernation.  The long weekend of Easter is almost upon us, a time that is also associated with home DIY!…and where better to start than a check on home security.Although not particularly cold, this winter has brought us some high winds and some property damaging winds.  Garden fences panels are the first to go in high winds, so this is a good starting point when accessing home security.  Replace any fence panels that are broken and check to make sure that all panels are still in good condition.

Wooden doors and windows suffer most damage during the winter months, driving rain, low temperatures and big winds will, with time really affect wood.  As a lot of doors and windows constructed of wood and these are also the first defence against a break-in, it is important to check all timber doors and windows and also to pay attention to frames, if there is any sign of damage get it professionally looked at.

Garden sheds are rarely visited during the winter months, unless you have a heated shed with bar facilities!  Hopefully the shed lock has not seized up over the winter!  If the lock is hard to operate, apply some graphite powder to the lock, this will lubricate the lock but won’t leave a sticky residue on the lock and keys.  Wooden sheds should be checked for any winter damage and don’t forget to check the roof as well, poorly maintained roofs are a criminals entry point.

Perception plays a big part in home security, a house that looks secure is less likely to be targeted than one that appears unloved.  A tidy garden is part of that perception and making sure that lawns, shrubs and trees are looked after is a good place to start.  A well lit property and garden is another way to deter thieves, timers switches on internal lamps will give the impression that someone is home and motion sensor external security lights will put of most criminals.

With warmer weather, hopefully! on it’s way, windows are often opened to allow the fresh spring air into our homes, it is important to remember to close and lock these windows if the property is left unattended, even for a very short period of time

Spring is also a good time to update the household inventory list, don’t forget to include all the nice goodies that we received for Christmas.  Take a note of model and serial numbers and if possible take photos of larger and more expensive items.

If you would like assistance with any aspect of home security, please do get in touch.

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