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New CCTV System from Yale

January 29, 2015

Following on from their very popular home Alarm System, Yale have now launched a range of home CCTV systems.  The team at locktrader have spent some time reviewing the new CCTV offering from Yale, here are their thoughts.

The Yale Easy Fit 960H CCTV System, to give it’s full name, is available in two standard options, one supplied with 2 cameras and an internal Hard Drive of 500GB and second system with four cameras and a Hard Drive of 1TB.  The two camera setup can accept extra camera at a later date, but the smaller hard drive can not be upgraded.  Both CCTV kits are supplied with the following contents

  • HDR-8400 Hybrid DVR
  • Internal Hard Drive
  • 2 or 4 Yale 650 TVL Out door Bullet Cameras with IR Night Vision
  • 2 or 4 15m BNC Camera Cables
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet cable, to connect system to the internet
  • HDMI cable, to connect  a monitor
  • All required power adaptors
  • Screws, fittings and theft deterrent stickers

The CCTV system is packed full of great features, the supplied outdoor bullet shaped cameras are IP55 rated which means they will withstand dust and water jets from getting inside the casing and have built in Infrared night vision of up to 20m.  The quality of the cameras and recording system provides some great quality images thanks to 960H recording sensor and 650TVL camera, gone are the days of low quality CCTV images that make pin point any required details very hard.  Image playback does not stop image recording, a very useful feature if you want to play back some old footage, but don’t want to interrupt recording.

Exporting of captured CCTV images, in the event that video needs to be passed to the authorities, is also very simple, simply insert a USB stick into the DVR, follow the on screen instructions and away you go, no need to disconnect anything and no CCTV coverage downtime.
One of the best features of this low cost CCTV system is remote monitoring, simply connect the DVR to an internet connection with the supplied ethernet cable, install the Yale remote monitoring app to a smart device and away you go, well there are a few more steps than that, but you get the idea.
If you have already purchased the Yale Easy Fit Alarm, then the benefits just keep getting better, an add-on USB device can be used to connect the two systems together allowing remote access to both via the Yale App.

All in all this is a great system for the price, coupled with easy installation, this is a must have for any home or business that is serious about their security.  Yale quote that a property is 90% less likely to be burgled when fitted with CCTV, need we say any more!

For the full selection of Yale CCTV Kits and Accessories please see this page on our site

Jargon Buster

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
DVR – Digital Video Recorder
GB – Gigabyte
TB – Terabyte
TVL – Television Lines
IR – Infrared
BNC – Bayonet Neill–Concelman
HDMI – High-Definition Multimedia Interface
IP – Ingress Protection, a rating to show how weatherproof a device is

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