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Gate Locks – The possibilities are almost endless!

December 9, 2014

The choice and availability of gates is almost endless, as gate are available in many shapes, sizes materials and security levels the locks that are used to protect these gates also vary enormously. The average home owners will think of a gate as the one that protects his garden, a business owner might think of the gates that protect an office car park, whereas a farmer or land owner will consider the wooden or metal gates that protects their land.

 garden gate office gates

Gate locks can fall into two categories, those that lock and secure a gate, and those that hold a gate in the closed position, know as latches. Smaller gates, and those that are found on homes are more likely to have a gate latch, these will hold the gate in a closed position but offer no locking function. Gate latches come in many styles to suit gate style and personal preference, these can be operated by one or both side, some even incorporate a spring to hold the gate firmly closed.

When looking to secure a gate, many factors need to be taken into consideration, who needs access, from which side, how secure does it need to be, what material is the gate made of, only once these questions have been answered, can you start to choose an appropriate lock.

Electronic Gate Locks

For sites or building that have an access control system, electronic gate locks can be used, these allow gates to be opened remotely, or by way of a code entry or swipe card. Electronic gate locks will often be supplied with a key override that will allow access to a key holder or emergency exit in the case of power failure, these locks are normally found on high security gates.

Mortice Gate Locks

Locks that are fitted into the edge of a door are known as mortice locks, large metal and wooden gates can use mortice locks very well, these can be operated by a mortice key or cylinder lock which allows a gate to be easily included into a keyed alike or master key suite.


Gates can be secured with the use of a padlock, these can be in conjunction with a hasp or chain. Chains are more likely to be used with a metal set of gates, with the chain easily passing through any holes in the gate. Padlock hasps can easily be fitted to wooden gates, supplied screws make fitting very easy and allow a padlock to secure a gate.

Combination Bolts

For easy access to many people, combination bolts from Squire and Yale are available to secure gates. Very much like a standard sliding bolt, where a bolt is attached to the main gate then slide across to engage with a small keep, the combination bolt allows this same locking function but movement is only allows when correct combination is entered.

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