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Summertime is here, but don’t forget home security

June 25, 2014

Well it is here at last, and according to the weather forecasters, this summer is going to be  nice one!  With households still on tight budgets many families are choosing to holiday in the UK or having a staycation where they enjoy days out within driving distance of their home.  Either way, when your home is left unattended, even for short periods of time, it is important to consider home security.

Criminals have become much smarter these days and are now turning to Social Media to locate potential targets.  During the summer months, social media is full of posts and pictures from people on holiday, often accompanied with a location tag, so anyone with poor privacy levels on their social media account could instantly give away their location and length of time away

  • Check privacy levels of social media accounts, and make sure that only friends can see your posts
  • Stop all location services on mobile devices before going away
  • Remove EXIF from all images, this is a service that added a location to images
  • Think before you post!  Don’t advertise where you are, or how long you are away for
  • Post when you get home – Relive the holiday experience when you get home, and then post your holiday snaps and video

Physical home security is also very important when your house is unattended, all locks and windows should be locked shut, it also good to get into an exit regime, going round to each door or window to check it is securely locked.All external doors must be locked with a high security lock either a British Standard mortice lock or night-latch, side and rear doors that are not final exit point can be further protected with internal bolts.  All windows should also be locked shut with a key operated lock and ideally not left open for ventilation.

Giving off the impression of an occupied home will instantly deter most passing criminals, who will move onto an easier target.  Lights on timer switches will give the feeling that someone is home, likewise a fake TV device, a simple set of LED lights that mimic the light given off by a television set, can also be used to pretend that someone is home.  Unplugging the home phone is another good security technique when away for a period of time, the continued ringing of a phone is sign that buglers use to when accessing a property.

Informing local friends, family and neighbours that you are on holiday is another good security point for unoccupied homes, maybe ask one of them to go into the property and move away any post, this is another sign that could be used to indicate that a property is empty.

If you have any home security concerns, or would like to discuss any security upgrades, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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