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New Yale Letter Plate Restrictor

March 5, 2014

New from world renowned home security experts Yale, is a specialist letter plate restrictor that will restrict how far an internal letter plate will open.

Modern doors do a  great job of keeping us secure with high security locks and bolts, however, they have 1 major flaw with this security and that is the largish hole through the door to allow letters and mail through.  A letter box hole is vulnerable in many ways and can be used from the outside to peer through and find out who is home, unwanted items can be pushed through a letter box and the letter box can also be used to ‘Phish’ items out of a property.

Yale has developed a product that cures this door vulnerability with their new Letter Plate Restrictor.

Yale Letter Plate Restrictor Yale Letter Plate Restrictor Yale Letter Plate Restrictor

The locking bar moves up and down the horse shoe shaped runner, when the desired position is found, the bar is screwed onto the runner thus restricting movement of the internal letter plate.  The restrictor is very easy to install and can be fitted to UPVC, wooden or composite doors and can be purchased in a white or chrome finish to suit existing door and furniture colours.

Posted in: Security
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