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The importance of window locks.

February 27, 2014

As the style of windows change and evolve, so should the security around them, windows are often overlooked when accessing a property’s security level, but windows can be an easy entry point for intruders.  British Insurance companies often now specify that windows must be secured with a key operated window lock, but which window locks should be fitted?

Sash Window

Sash windows can be some of the easiest windows to secure with their overlapping frames, a simple pair of stops are fitted to the upper sash window preventing the two sashes from sliding past each other, additional stops can be fitted above the locking stops to allow ventilation.  Other sash window locks, such as sash jammers, are fitted to the central bar, these also restrict the sliding movement of sash windows.

Casement Window Locks

Tall windows hinged on the left or right are known as casement windows, these are often secured with a long handle at the bottom and a smaller handle on the side, both of which need to be locked.  Locks can be attached over the existing handles or new handles with integrated locks can be fitted.

Swing locks can also be fitted to casement windows, these have the added benefit of providing extra draft proofing as the locking action pulls the window tighter into the window frame.  For larger windows it is recommended to fit more than one lock to provide maximum protection, these can be placed at the top and bottom of a window.

Fanlight Windows

Small ventilation windows at the top of a set of windows are known as fanlights, although these are small windows, they too need to be locked as they can be used to reach inside a property and open a larger window.  Window swing locks can be used, so too can mortice window bolts, these are small locking bolts that are fitted into the edge of the window and a locking bolt is then extended into the frame to offer locking protection.

Metal Windows

Old style Crittall windows can be very hard to secure, specialist locks are available but are difficult to fit.  Locks can be fitted to Crittall window handles, these restrict the movement of the handle and thus stop the window from opening.

UPVC Windows

Normally fitted with a key operated window lock, UPVC windows don’t usually require additional locks.  If, however, the handle has become faulty and cannot be replaced a UPVC window lock is required

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows can be some of the easiest to lock and secure, the frame and wood around the window is normally of a rectangle shape which give a good base to attach the locks.  Small rack bolts can be set inside the wood around the window with a locking bolt extended into the window frame, as these bolts are held within the window not much is visible from the outside

Other types of window security

For more extreme window locks, window bars can offer great protection and give excellent visual protection as well.  Window restrictors are also popular, especially within homes with small children.  Any windows that are opened during the summer months for ventilation can pose a safety and security risk.  Most break-ins are unplanned and are committed by thieves that notice an open window, open windows can also be a safety risk to small children that could fall through an open window.  Window restrictors, as the name suggests allow a window to be opened for ventilation, but no too far that someone could get in or a child could fall out.

If you are looking for window locks, but are unsure of the exact type or style of lock required, do not hesitate to give our sales team a call for expert independent advice.

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