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The humble Sash Jammer

February 19, 2014

Originally designed as a simple window locking device, the humble sash jammer has turned out to be one of the most versatile locks ever created.  The term sash jammer is a registered brand name owned by Fab & Fix, now part of the Grouphomesafe family of companies, therefore similar products are also known as Sash Stoppers, but effectively they all do the same thing.

The simplicity of the sash jammer is its key feature, with just two main parts there is not much to go wrong or complicate the locking procedure.  The locking arm part of the jammer is the only moving part of the lock, this is swivelled into the locked position to restrict movement.  Sash jammers can be used with outward and inward opening doors and windows, on a standard outward opening window the lock body is attached to the moving window with the arm moved across to the window frame to lock.  With an inward opening window or door the jammer body is attached to the frame with the arm moving across to prevent inward movement of the window pane or a door.

The simple nature of the sash jammer has allowed this locking device to be used on a wide range of windows and doors and has even been used to restrict letter box opening.  When fitting sash stoppers the size of the item to be protected should be considered, for any large windows or doors, two or more stoppers should be used.

Sash jammers can also be purchased locking or non locking, this allows the device to be locked closed for increased security.  Different colour jammers are also available to match colour of windows or doors.

Here at locktrader we have a wide range of Sash Jammers and Stoppers, please take a look at the range here – if you require any more information about sash jammers then please contact our sales team.

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