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British Standard Locks for Home Insurance Requirements

February 4, 2014

Home security is a hot topic across many DIY forums, as households look to increase the security of their home and belongings, these tips are obviously working working, with burglary figures in decline, which is unusual during this economic downturn.
Insurance companies have, for some time now, insisted that external doors be fitted with British Standard Locks and all windows are secured with a key operated lock, however many homeowners are not sure of the correct type of lock that should be fitted to their doors.

Wooden front doors

More traditional wooden doors are much thicker than newer doors and therefore can be fitted with a British Standard mortice lock, look out for a mortice lock that has BS361:2007 the current BS Kite Mark for mortice locks.  This type of lock can be purchased with the more traditional mortice / skeleton keys or for anyone that would like smaller cylinders keys a mortice lock kit can be used that includes the lock case, a double cylinder and security escutcheons.  Nightlatch locks can also be used to secure a timber front door, again make sure the lock has gained British Standard approval.

UPVC doors

The most common type of external door now fitted to UK homes is the humble UPVC door, offering great value, low maintenance and endless style and colour options.  As these doors are quite thin a mortice or rim lock can not be used, multipoint locking devices have been developed which offer excellent levels of security.  Multipoint locking devices can be seen down the length of the door edge with hooks and bolts that engage with a keep that is securely attached to the door frame, often a lift of the handle is required before the door can be fully locked to engage the locking parts.  Multipoint locking devices have their own set of British Standards that they must adhere to, but the locking cylinder is also important.  For best security levels cylinders that have a BS kite mark should be used, these also often have anti pick, bump and snap capabilities that will protect the cylinder from almost all kinds of attack.

Window locks

Unlike door locks, window locks are not covered by any British Standards, homeowners are advised to check the wording of their insurance policy, but most require a key operated lock.  Handles that are fitted to UPVC windows are normally supplied with a locking handle, these are adequate for insurance purposes.  Older timber or metal windows with handles without keys will require an extra locking device to satisfy insurance companies.  Small locks can be fitted over existing window handles that restrict handle movement and the ability to open the window, other window locks can be fitted to the window frame, locking the window in place.

For any help and advice with British Standard Locks, please give our sales team a call.

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