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How to Make your Home Safe, Secure and Eco-Friendly

January 27, 2014
burglar-alarm  When it comes to the home, environmentally friendly considerations are no longer strange concepts for homeowners. And we’ve all changed our daily habits to a certain extent to accommodate for them. However, there remains a common belief that to be eco-friendly, other areas must be compromised – more money must be spent, quality must be negotiated etc.
Eco-friendly home security needn’t be a compromise, and there are a number of simple steps you can take as a home owner to ensure that your property remains as green as it is safe. Here are some examples below:

Recycled Alarms

Security products made from recycled materials are beginning to enter the market, such as wireless burglar alarms and smoke detectors. As long as they are tested regularly like all burglar alarms, some of these can be more durable and long-standing than the newer systems.
Solar panelling to power whole security systems is also becoming a very real option as solar panels are expanding for self-sufficient homes who want to generate their own electricity.

Home Lights

There’s no reason why all lights used in security lighting needn’t be low energy halogen bulbs, keeping both power usage and electricity bills down. A PIR sensor will ensure that these lights only turn on when movement is detected.
Similarly, replacing all light bulbs around the home with energy savers will mean that leaving lights on when on holiday or out the house at night doesn’t have to cost the earth. For the ultra tech-savvy, there are now even smartphone options that allows the user to control lighting and home security remotely, meaning an optimum balance between security and energy use can be attained.

 home light


The parts of your home most vulnerable to intruders – are another area in which green considerations can be made. Insulation is key to an energy efficient home, stopping heat from escaping and consequently requiring less power to sufficiently warm the house. Double or triple-glazed windows provide extra security from break-ins alongside their thermal insulation qualities, while composite doors can be a better alternative to uPVC models, as the foam filling and durable hinges make them highly robust and energy efficient.
Even simply fitting insulated roller blinds to windows in your home – especially those in the isolated areas of your property – will bring heating bills down, while also keeping your possessions hidden from the beady eyes of opportunistic burglars.


Insulating doors shouldn’t just apply to the front and back entrances of the home – garage doors can also benefit hugely from having insulation properties. If your garage is connected to your home, it could be the biggest culprit in terms of heat loss – not to mention a highly vulnerable access point for thieves. There are a number of secure, insulated garage doors available at reasonable rates on the market today, and the savings made on energy bills will repay this cost in no time. Any valuables you keep in your garage will also be extra protected, as will any entranceways to your home from here.
All of the above steps are easy and cost-effective ones that we can all take to improve the eco-friendliness of our homes without compromising on your standard of security systems– and in some cases enhancing them.

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