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Christmas Home Security Tips

December 6, 2013

As much as we try and prepare for Christmas, it inevitably ends up as a mad panic on the last few days leading up to Christmas,  as we all rush around trying to get that special toy that our nephew wants or the exact type of sherry that Grandma drinks.  At this time of year, home security is the last thing on people’s minds, but as we prepare to place all the expensive gifts under the tree, it is worth considering these points.

Pretend that someone is home

Thieves like an easy target, a home that is empty is an easier target, make sure your house looks occupied.  Recently new to the market are TV simulators, these mimic the effect of scene changes, colour shifts and on-screen motion of a television set, to give the impression of someone at home and watching TV.  If you are lucky enough to go away for a period of time over the festive period, make sure that any deliveries are cancelled, piled up papers or unused milk are a dead giveaway that people are away.

Don’t make it easy

Make sure that all doors and windows are securely locked, this might sound obvious, but 20% of break in are made without force via an open window or unlocked door.  Power cables for exterior lights should not feed through a partially open window, instead use solar powered lights or fit an external power socket.
Remove or secure any items in or around your garden that could be used to enter your house, a set of ladders could be used to gain access to a window.  If these items cannot be safely stored away, secure them with a chain and padlock to an immovable object or a wall / ground anchor.  Spare key should never be left outside, even if you think the location is secure, criminals know where to look!

Hide valuable items

Hide presents not just from the kids but from sight of the window and outside, if needs be close curtains to prevent anyone peering in.  If possible don’t display your tree or presents next to the front window, this could lead to a smash and grab attempt.
Small home safes can be used to store gift receipts, if the worst was to happen, these can be used to prove purchase and value, for very expensive items make a note of serial numbers.  Key safes are popular to hold car keys, once inside a property a criminal could use your car as a getaway method.

Good lighting

External security lights with motion sensors will illuminate the front of your house when approached, this will put off thieves who like to work under the cover of darkness, outside Christmas lights can also brighten up the front of your home.
Timer switches for internal lights can be used to good effect to give the impression that someone is home.

Don’t advertise your whereabouts

According to recent surveys, social media is a tool that burglars are using to scout for potential targets.  As all members of the family are becoming more Social Media savvy, it is very easy to give away your location and time away during the festive time.

Remember to stay safe over Christmas, look out for others and have a great time.

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