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National Home Security Month – Week 4 – Outside Protection

October 22, 2013

National Home Security month is now into its 4th week, this week we are reviewing outside protection.

Garages Door Locks

Often forgotten about, but garages pose a huge risk to home security, frequently contain some pricey items and sometimes can be used to access the main property.  Garages by their design have at least one large opening to allow vehicles in and out, this large opening can be tricky to secure, with just a thin garage door for protection.  Consider fitting extra locks to garage doors, locks such as garage door bolts, these can be fitted to each side of a garage door with a bolt that extends into the wall or the ground, these are ideal for up and over garage doors.  Other garage protection can be achieved with a garage defender, this is a large metal bar that is positioned in front  of door, restricting movement, these garage defenders offer both physical and visual protection

Sheds and outbuildings

Garden sheds can be useful storages places for outside items such as tools, lawn mowers and barbecues all of which can be expensive and therefore targeted by thieves.  Shed security is often forgotten about or deemed unnecessary but it vitally important as the nights draw in and thieves are looking for their next target.  A weatherproof padlock and heavy duty hasp and staple should be used on all shed doors, also consider window security, simple window locks can be fitted or even a net curtain could be used to obscure view into the shed.

Other items that are stored in and around the home should also be protected against thieves or vandals.  Caravans and camper can be an attractive proposition during darker nights, but can be easily secured by a battery operated stand alone alarm, window stickers can also be used, alerting potential burglars to the fact they have an alarm fitted.


Look out for next weeks update, where we will discuss new technologies and gadgets that are helping to fight crime!

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