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Importance of Garage Locks

October 15, 2013

Importance of Garage Locks to Home Security

Home and garden security has become an increasing concern of most property owners worldwide.  According to the 2011 statistics taken from the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control and the International Statistics on Crime and Justice, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the UK are some of the countries that rank high in the world’s number of burglaries, demonstrating the seriousness of this upcoming trend.

We all know that losing your personal possessions can cause emotional and economical breakdown, depending on the extent of the breaking in.  For that reason, it is better to take the necessary security precautions than be sorry.  After all, our life and our loved ones’ safety are a major concern of every family man.

Every household has numerous entries that a burglar can use to break in, with your garage one of the main ones.  It is amazing how many people forget to use their garage locks and leave their property unlocked; hence, make it so easy for practically anyone to drop by and take a “treat” from their belongings. Others, have never thought of adding a garage lock to secure their home.  Had they known that many burglaries occur because burglars simply walk in through an unlocked garage door, they would certainly be more thoughtful.  It is important that every time you step out of your house, even for a little while, you consider securing your garage. After all, you don’t want to leave a welcome mat for a burglar, do you?

Many people cover or frost their garage doors and windows so that no one can see whether their car is inside or not, which is smart enough.  However, additional garage door locks add that extra layer of security, garage defender locks also include a visual deterrent with the presence of a large locked barrier restricting garage door movement.

In case you own a garage that has no locks installed, you can certainly get a specialist to help you out and keep your house secure or additionally go for a replacement garage door with locks incorporated in the garage door’s mechanism. Regardless of the type of garage door, single, double, up and over or sliding, you can have added security to your standard locks.  What is great with some particular bolts is that they can be keyed alike making your life easier, in case you own multiple garages.

A clever move to shield your house from unwanted trespassing, is to install a peephole in the door attached to your garage.  That way, you can always get an inside look from your house to your garage, in case you hear any suspicious sound(s), and then take the necessary measures without putting your family’s life at stake.  Also, if your garage door lifts on a track, you can tighten a C-clamp on the track, for additional low cost security.

Take some time to look over your garage, take note of vulnerable areas such as doors and windows then take action by adding additional locks, your insurance company also maybe able to help with garage security advice.

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