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Summers Here! Keep your garden Secure

August 6, 2013

You should never underestimate the capability of the professional thief – size and weight are not necessarily deterrents!  If they like the look of something, they will for sure try their hardest in succeeding theft.  Let’s get our gardens secure and have a relaxing summer.

Do not automatically assume that workers wearing High Visibility Jackets are on official business.  The greater the value of your garden contents, the greater the risk that a thief will attack.  Be vigilant.  Make sure that your property never looks uninhabited.  Communicate with neighbors, if they are on holiday, be vigilant on their behalf and the may be returned.

Safeguarding expensive garden items is even more important that consideration should be taken, when it comes to walls, fences, gates and access.  Higher Walls and fences can be a deterrent to thieves.  Not only does is make it harder to see what valuables are in your garden but it would make the removal of your belongings much harder and longer.  Try to ensure that valuable items are not easily visible to the casual passer-by (high fences).  Ensure gates have relevant security, such as gate locks, Hasp and padlocks and Bolts.

Wherever possible, use a fixing technique to secure valuable items.  These can vary depending upon the item and the location.  For example:-
a) Permanent Items, such as Troughs, Birdbaths, Sundials should be fixed on a solid base using a strong adhesive.
b) Moveable items, such as Benches, Barbecues, Garden Furniture should (when not in use), be chained to permanent ground or wall anchors.

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys chaining all your belongings to the ground or walls, then make sure you have a secure shed with the correct locking product to ensure all your movable belongings can be locked away at the end of each day.  Fit high security padlocks and hasps on your shed, also check with your insurance company to find out what is covered.  Where possible add Grills/shutters or heavy wire mesh on shed windows.  Investigate the possibility of getting a wireless alarm fitted to your shed, that links with your home security and last but not least, when storing ladders, bikes, mowers <etc, chain those together inside the locked shed.  If anyone did happen to break into the shed it will be much harder to remove belongings that are all chained together.

Things that can improve your Garden security:

  • Monitored CCTV systems.
  • Property marking and warning signs.
  • Physically secured items.
  • Gravel paths and steps, difficult to manoeuvre heavy objects

Items that can improve your shed security:

  • Secure locks and bolts
  • Secure Windows
  • Alarm systems
  • Metal sheds / Storage units
  • Property marked with your postcode
  • Anti-climb paint on outbuildings

Improve Gates and Access to your garden:

  • Restricted access
  • Access control systems
  • Motion activated lighting
  • Well lit paths and driveways
  • Walking or working on gravel

Enjoy your summer and relax in the sun knowing your garden is as protected as your home.

If you require any help with finding the correct security products for your garden please do not hesitate to contact the Locktrader Team.

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