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Roller Shutter Locks and Bullet Locks

July 9, 2013

Roller Shutters are commonly used on shops and businesses to maximise security and to help prevent thieves gaining access.

Roller Shutter can be secured by two different types of locks, Bullet Locks and Shutter Locks.

Bullet-Lock-and-Housing Roller Shutter Lock

Bullet Locks

Roller Shutters that are fitted with runners on either side can be secured with bullet locks, a hole is drilled through the runner and shutter when in the closed position big enough to take the pin section of bullet lock, the housing can then be welded to the runner in line with drilled hole.  Once fixed in place bullet locks are inserted into the housing where the pin goes through rear of housing, runner and shutter lock thus restricting any movement of the shutter.  Bullet locks can be supplied Keyed Alike, allowing one key to operate all bullet locks, this makes opening a number of shutters quick and easy.  Bullet locks for shutter doors are normally attached to each side of the shutter door.

Shutter Locks

Roller Shutter can also be locked with Shutter Locks, these use a lock body bolted to the rear of Shutter Locks with arms that extend from the side, these arms lock the roller shutter in the closed position.  Also available keyed alike and in different shapes and sizes to suit all types of shutters including ultra narrow for confined spaces.

Shutter lock security should not be forgotten, yes shutters on their own can look very secure made from vast amounts of metal, but they are only as secure as their weakest point, this is often the locking device.  Maybe you are of the mind set that shutter could easily be rammed then why not combine your shutter security with a parking post or bollard!

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